Burn 90 min CD

  zebbydog 16:42 06 Jan 2003
  zebbydog 16:42 06 Jan 2003

I need to burn a 90 minute cd my writer & Nero both support this but i have to download a firmware update whitch i have done , but when i try to load it it says Allow DMA needs to be turned off, Do you want us to Re-configure & restart your computer, I click yes and a box opens saying Windows Registry Access Error

Any ideas out there please or can i disable DMA my self to try it.


  AndySD 16:57 06 Jan 2003

You can disable/enable DMA in the bios.

  BRYNIT 17:02 06 Jan 2003

First I have read somewhere that this program is not suitable with all CD WR and can damage them as it writes towards the edge of the CD to create the extra size.
To turn the DMA off you need to go control panel/systems/device manager go down to the CD click on + you will find a list of you CD rom's highlight and click propertied/settings you will find DMA remove marker from box do the same for the other CD drive after selecting ok it will tell you to reboot. Remember to reactivate DMA when you have finished.

  zebbydog 17:18 06 Jan 2003

I have no settings in device manager and no box for DMA I run XP pro

The cd writer maufacturer advised me to download the firmware update so i would not think it will do any damage

  jazzypop 17:24 06 Jan 2003

For XP, right-click My Computer > Properties > Hardware > Device Manager

Then scroll down to IDE / ATA ATAPI controllers, choose the primary or secondary (depending on which one(s) your CD(s) are connected to), double-click and click the Advanced Settings box. You can enable / disable DMA from there.

Burning 90min CDs is absolutely not recommended in order to save money - you are likely to significantly shorten the life of the CD writer by doing this routinely.

  zebbydog 17:39 06 Jan 2003

I need to burn 1 cd 775 MB i have tried on 2 cd's but this will not work

it is not to save on disc's

  jazzypop 17:46 06 Jan 2003

LOL -I wasn't accusing you of being a cheapskate :)

This question pops up quite regularly - I was hoping to save somebody who had the bright idea of saving a few bob from causing themselves grief. Hopefully, when this thread is searched for in future, it will serve that purpose, as well as your current needs.

As you seem to have already discovered, although your hardware, firmware and software make it theoretically possible, actually achieving it can involve a lot of trial and error with different types and brands of discs.

  zebbydog 18:00 06 Jan 2003

Sorry if i offended you it was not meant, also as i am quite new to this game what doe's LOL meen as i see it a lot

  jazzypop 18:08 06 Jan 2003

LOL = Laughs Out Loud

I took no offence whatsoever - I was concerned that I may have offended you :)

  WiLL-A 18:39 06 Jan 2003

I run XP and use 99min CDRs reqularly and have had no problems ever.

I too upgraded my Philips Firmware and found the only way to get the flash tool working was to diable all DMA settings, flash and then reboot, followed by reenabling DMA.

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