burn a 3 hour video to cd???

  moby58 23:42 08 Feb 2004

ive downloaded a movie [2 hrs 58 min.]1.27 GB or 1,340,963 KB....avi video clip which plays on a divx player.how can i get it onto a disc?ive got nero...but its way too big.tried to split it [file splitter],but it splits it into "files" which wont burn..any ideas???thanks!

  SirGalahad2004 23:59 08 Feb 2004

if your not encoding it to dvd , you will have to put it on 2 discs .......

  SirGalahad2004 00:04 09 Feb 2004

Try this click here you wont fit it on one cd .. unless you make it into a dvd

  tafoody 00:07 09 Feb 2004

avi splitter click here creates smaller avi files, there's a demo version to try.

  MichelleC 08:56 09 Feb 2004

Can Nero convert DivX to mpeg1 (the file's too big for mpeg2 for svcd/dvd)?

  ©®@$? 10:44 09 Feb 2004

what you'll probably find is that when you convert it to an mpeg it will be too large to fit on a cd, even 2,3 maybe 4 cd's

  SirGalahad2004 10:46 09 Feb 2004

if you have a DVD burner your best bet would be to change its format to dvd and then put it onto disc

  SirGalahad2004 10:51 09 Feb 2004
  tafoody 18:08 10 Feb 2004

i think the person has a DVD player that plays divX off a CD, so no conversion is needed.

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