Bullguard v8 Firewall

  cowgirl66 10:45 09 Nov 2007

Hi, I have just installed this firewall and it's very confusing to say the least. At first I set it in Beginner's Mode. Beginner my eye. I couldn't get the Internet connection going at all. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it hoping I had made an error the first time. I rang Bullguard and someone told me to set it to Advanced and then Custom. I did this, I still couldn't get much of an internet connection, only a limited one according to the bottom right of taskbar. It was also set to allow all known applications. It didn't. I had to be told how to manually add Internet Explorer. I still can't get that up on screen. (I'm only typing this now because I've gone back to Windows Firewall to write in here). Nowhere in the Application rules is there my Modem connection (It is a Speedtouch330 but is named "MY ISP" on the desktop. There is a window for trusted LANs under the System tab of which there are 3. One of them is MY ISP but if I put a tick in there, I still can't connect or get Internet Explorer to appear. Oh, and when I diagnose the problem on the blank Internet Explorer webpage, it tells me I need to plug in a cable to my LAN adapter. I don't HAVE a LAN adapter!

This is confusing enough for me to handle so god knows what a mess it must sound like to you out there, but if anyone is brave enough to take on this problem, I won't stand in your way.

Regards cowgirl66

  Pine Man 11:03 09 Nov 2007

I have been involved in the beta testing of the new version of Bullguard Security Suite, which incudes a firewall and a new spamfilter.

I now have the full version 8 of Bullguard Security Suite and, having removed the old version completely and NOT saved the settings it loaded and ran perfectly.

Have you removed the old Bullguard completely and installed the complete version 8 Suite?

It might help if you log your problem on the Bullguard Forum at...
click here

  birdface 11:04 09 Nov 2007

Hi,If it confuses you so much.You could always use Kerio Firewall,Just download it in simple mode. No pop-ups wanting you to allow or deny programs all the time,and it's free.

  Pine Man 11:10 09 Nov 2007

A bit drastic if cowgirl66 has just forked out about £40 for her Bullguard isn't it?

  cowgirl66 11:15 09 Nov 2007

Pine Man;
I downloaded the instructions from the Bullguard website on how to uninstall and reinstall the new version.

1. I closed the application in the taskbar.

2. I went to Add/Remove and completely uninstalled Bullguard WITHOUT saving any settings as I was told to.

3. I then went to Prog files and removed any old files in there.

4. I shut down the cmoputer and rebooted.

5. Located the instal file and installed it. Rebooted again.

6. Logged on without saving settings.

And apparently that was all I had to do. I can only get the firewall to work properly when I have it set in Advanced> Allow All Applications mode.


I can see your reasoning and I know this is an easier option. But I refuse to install another firewall (for the time being) when I have already paid for this one up front. I will persist somehow or another until I can get it to work.

  birdface 11:20 09 Nov 2007

Well if I paid for something I would also like to get it to work,I just thought that maybe it was a bit confusing for you.I did not know if it was a trial version or not,So best of luck I hope that you get it sorted.

  Pine Man 11:21 09 Nov 2007

If you open up Bullguard and click on Firewall, then select Beginner and then click on the Rules tab you can set up the programs you want to allow without 'allowing all applications'.

  cowgirl66 17:44 09 Nov 2007

Hi again, sorry for the delay. I've tried this time by doing a complete uninstall, registry clean, disallowing Windows Defender and of course making sure the Windows Firewall is closed down in installation.

The default setup was as Beginner's mode but I could't open I.E.or MSN Messenger or install all the Bullguard fresh updates.

As I thought, I've given up for the time being and left Bullguard in Advanced > Allow All Applications Mode.

I just don't understand where I've gone wrong in this and I thank you in the meantime for your help.

Regards cowgirl66

  woodchip 18:22 09 Nov 2007

That's expensive they nearly give it a way at Red Rat Computer Fairs round south & west yorkshire

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