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  Les 08:02 12 Jul 2005

Has anyone had this trouble?

Although the Bulk Folder us shown in the list (left hand side of screen BT Yahoo Mail) it is always marked empty - by now there must be over a thousand emails in there - I know that they will be automatically deleted by BT after 1 month (for that is the setting) but there will be, quite possibly, a few that I want,

Asking BT is like talking to a brick wall for they totally ignore any enquiries on this subject.

I did, just once, have this bulk folder show it's contents - just over 2000 'spam' and around 5 required - not a bad average ! On this BT are to be congratulated - but why can't I have this all the time. This problem has only arisen since going broadband - prior to that no bother.

  mike1967 08:09 12 Jul 2005

You can look in the bulk folder and read whatever you want and mark it not spam as well

  mike1967 08:20 12 Jul 2005

You can look in the bulk folder and read whatever you want and mark it not spam as well

  €dstowe 08:31 12 Jul 2005

Can you access the bulk folder from the "Mail" icon on the toolbar at the top?

  Les 11:36 12 Jul 2005

Tried it just - no joy.

That is the trouble, mike - the bulk folder is shown as empty when clearly it will not be so, and, when you click it a message says that it is empty.

Thanks for the answers - any other ideas?

  mike1967 22:58 12 Jul 2005

How do you know its not empty you might not have any spam, I do go days when I get none
If not get in touch with support believe it or not I found them useful the few times I've had to make a call

  Les 23:58 12 Jul 2005

Mike - I do, quite often, download files and, as you may know, they want email addresses etc. - this, I believe is why I have had so many spam messages - anything between 60 and 100 per day - so you can see why I can't believe there are none - but it's the genuine emails going astray that I'm concerned about.

Up to now I have tried contacting by email to which I have had no response whatsoever - I shall haved to find out the telephone number I need to phone them - it should be in the book.

  mike1967 08:07 13 Jul 2005

I can see know why you think you have a problem, now you need to convince support of your problem.
They might try and say youre not getting spam anymore
I believe 0845 600 7030 is the number you require

  Les 11:25 13 Jul 2005

Just a thought, could Zonealarm have any influence on this - seeing that this was added after going broadband and the Bulk folder worked OK before.

Incidentally, having mentioned Zonealarm - when I loaded this I understood that it was free -this was nearly two months ago - now I've been told (via a box on screen) that the 'licence' has expired. Ar first glance this would seen sneaky but, of course, perhaps not and perhaps I didn't read their blurb correctly. Is the Windows SP2 firewall good enough or should I simply accept that the error was mine and upgrade to the Pro version. Any opinions?

  mike1967 11:31 13 Jul 2005

Personally dont think so, as you'd have a problem downloading your normal mail also
Zone alarm is free to all theres no need to upgrade to Pro unless you want the added benifits of it, if there is any.

  VoG II 11:35 13 Jul 2005

This is the free version of ZA click here

You should not get an expiry message with this version.

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