Bulk erase from 'My Documents' in XP

  graham√ 13:11 20 Jul 2003

I inadvertently saved about 40 jpeg pictures in My Documents. They are all together. Is there a way to select them all for deleting?

  powerless 13:15 20 Jul 2003

Ctrl - A

Delete, yes.

Or edit, select all, delete, yes.

  User-312386 13:15 20 Jul 2003

click on the 1st one, hold the shift key(little arrow pointing up) down and then select the last file

now hit the delete key

thats it

  graham√ 13:23 20 Jul 2003

ctrl A does nothing, Edit opens the picture in Paint.

Selecting the 1st one opens it!

  powerless 13:27 20 Jul 2003


Somethings not right there then.

Click one of the jpegs. Then press Ctrl and then A (whilst still holding down the Ctrl key).

Now this will Select everyhting in my docs.

To stop everything getting deleted, press and hold the Ctrl down again and click the files that you dont want deleting.

Hit delete and yes they should be gone.

  graham√ 13:30 20 Jul 2003

Hold everything! I was accessing the files from the taskbar >>, when I go from the Start menu I can do it madboy33®©'s way. I'm sure Powerless's method works too, he's the man!

Thankyou both.

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