Bulk e-mails

  Rodz 15:31 07 Oct 2006

It`s me again.
For the last few days I have been bombarded with e-mails coming through between 30/40 at a time, up to 200 a day.
They are all supposedly return mail, "failure notice" "returned mail" "could not deliver" etc.
They seem to be using "Mailer-Daemon" and all have a attachments which I have not opened.
I did put a spam blocker on some months ago but had to uninstall it because it caused problems with the PC.
I am on XP Pro and work in Outlook.
Why do they do it and how?
I suppose I will need to put a spam filter on again, as I said the last one I put on did cause a problem and unfortunately I still had to check all that it filtered out because an odd legitimate one got through.

  ade.h 16:57 07 Oct 2006

Someone is spoofing your e-mail address. The returns are parts of their "carpet bombing" that are aimed at address that do not exist.

I would suggest looking after your addresses more carefully; I get no spam even to my business addresses.

  Rodz 17:51 07 Oct 2006

Thanks ade.h.
How do you suggest I look after my addresses more carefully?

  Jackcoms 17:58 07 Oct 2006

"How do you suggest I look after my addresses more carefully?"

It's too late to look after your current address more carefully - it's obviously already known by spammers.

Try click here to filter out the spam or change your address completely and then only use it selectively i.e. do NOT use it on a myriad of different websites to sign up for their mailing lists or whatever.

  ade.h 18:23 07 Oct 2006

Yes, I'm talking about future addresses, not your current ones.

1) Use a junk address for signups and product registrations where you might get promotional material or, worse, the recipient has a suspect privacy policy. Be careful about who you give an address to.

2) Always read privacy policies.

3) Have different addresses for different groups of people and/or different uses. Be prepared to delete the low-priority addresses when their usefulness is outweighed by the junk. Access the highest-risk addresses from webmail instead of IMAP/POP3.

4) If you run a business (like I do) don't display or publish any email address in any form on your website - use forms (and secure the PHP file). If one address starts to get spammed or hijacked, delete it, sending a circular to existing clients. New clients won't see any change because they will use the form.

5) Use an ISP with good junk mail controls.

6) Advise friends/relatives how to avoid having their address books harvested.

7) Use Thunderbird and/or Mailwasher. Make good use of their rules and filters.

  Rodz 21:51 07 Oct 2006

Thanks everyone.
That gives me something to go at.
The e-mail address I am using was set up 8 years ago which I suppose says it all.
I presume my best course of action is a new one and to be carefull who I give it to.
I have signed up to several newsletters in the past so I have been responsible for my own downfall.
Thanks again.

  Rodz 15:08 27 Oct 2006

Would you suggest changing my e-mail address?
The situation is now out of control, 300 when I booted up this AM. and they rain in all day.
I have been given the following explanation from a expert, but he does not know how to remedy it.
(Your e-mail address isn`t being used to send the-mails but you are on the distribution list, that way when the auto replies come back they come back to you as well).
I have changed my password with the ISP. Orange, on my wireless router and in Outlook.
My anti virus ware is upto date as is spybot, AdAware, Spyware Blaster.
I have rebooted in safe mode and ran all programmes again but the mails still bomb me.
Is a change of mail address now the only option?

  terryf 16:38 27 Oct 2006


  namtas 18:02 27 Oct 2006

I was succesfull by taking some of the actions here, most effective was tracking the source and then contacting the Postmaster responsible.

My junk mail has gone from getting 50 plus per day to 1 or 2 now sometimes none.

click here

  Rodz 12:37 29 Oct 2006

Hi Namtas,
Can you tell me how you tracked the source and how you then contact the postmaster?

  Rodz 17:37 04 Nov 2006

Thanks to everyone who helped with this, I eventually solved the problem today, I was getting in excess of 6000 emails a day, you read it right.
This link was the answer click here and reset your filters.
Anybody else with the same problem it`s worth a try.

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