built a pc switched it on nothing

  quicksilver651 17:44 29 Dec 2005

just bought a case and all the eqpt for a pc built it switched it with no monitor or keyboard on with great anticipation get a beep and then nothing the eqpt i bought is as follows:

jeantech apollo case
lanparty ut nf4 ultra-d motherboard
amd 64 3500+
geforce 6 graphics card
jeantech arctic 600w power supply
4x 512mb pc3200 ddr dimm ram

this was bought after consultation with a techie at pc world can anyone help as i have checked all connections and still a beep

  PaulB2005 18:27 29 Dec 2005

"no monitor or keyboard on "

"get a beep and then nothing"

If it's a single beep then thats normal. Without a monitor plugged in there's nothing to see and some motherboards won't load Windows without a keyboard present.

Don't take this the wrong way but what were you expecting after booting up with no monitor or keyboard?

  mbp 19:08 29 Dec 2005

A Big Bang?

  quicksilver651 19:58 29 Dec 2005

when switched on beep comes from the case not the motherbd the power fan moves about a centimetre and thats it after that nothing

  jack 21:08 29 Dec 2005

amd64 needs a special MoBo and Power supply
are you sure you have the 'set'?
Not withstanding what the techie may have told you or you assumed.

The CPU is powered separately on the Mobo via a 4 pin block in addition to the 20 pin block
So MoBo must have to 2 connectors and the PSU must have the two plugs. 1x4 pin 1x20 in each case

Judging by posts in the past Re this there is a great deal of confusion out there.
By my own personal experience the best buy is a ready assembled MoBo/COU/Memory set up from the likes of wwwnovatech.com or similar

  old_git 21:24 29 Dec 2005

I think this motherboard needs a 24 pin ATX connecter and the 4 pin one.

Has the jeantech arctic 600w power supply
a 24 pin connector? Have you plugged both into the mobo?

As mentioned by paul, connecting the monitor, keyboard and mouse would help if you get the cpu spinning.;-)

  quicksilver651 21:31 29 Dec 2005

only one 24 pin atx connector on the motherboard and ive connected that to the psu long 4 pin only one available is the hdd that is be powered straight from the psu by sata power lead

  old_git 21:48 29 Dec 2005

The 4 pin square plug, above the 24 pin socket, must also be connected. click here

As mentioned by jack

  old_git 22:01 29 Dec 2005

Page 61 of the manual. click here

  DieSse 01:00 30 Dec 2005

"when switched on beep comes from the case not the motherbd"

Well if the speaker is in the case - then that's what you would expect, surely? Or do you mean the beep comes from the Power supply?

Is it one short beep, or something else?

  DieSse 01:04 30 Dec 2005

*the power fan moves about a centimetre*

Do you mean the fan in the power supply, or the fan on the processor? - What are both of them doing?

Are there any lights lit on the motherboard itself?

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