built a pc but no go is it my motherboard

  masterchief117 21:37 18 Aug 2005

ive just built a pc. new tower jeantech bluetint, motherboard was given to me MS 7005 ver.1. I bought a new intel celeron D processor 335 2.8ghz. 350watt PSU giving too me. my old HDD. 1 memory stick came with M'board dont know size. built in graphics. Ive got a build ur own pc book which i followed step by step. the tower has 2 fans of its own as well. Anyway finished n powered it up, processor kicks in can see fan running, both tower fans start u can see the lights on the cd drives flash but nothing comes up on moniter. the moniter is fine as its the one im on now and the PSU is fine as the fans, processor n cd drives r running. i get no sounds from the motherboard ie beeps n theres now light on the board to show life. is it dead? can it be repaired or is it better to just get another 1. i know the power button wires r in right place but its the LED leads that im not sure about or the inside speaker lead. when u press the power button the power LED comes on for a fraction of a sec the goes off n when i power it off it does the same thing. ive turned it round to see if i got the - + the right way but no diffrence. any1 please help!!! sorry its long winded

  woodchip 22:05 18 Aug 2005

Try booting the Computer with minimum items. Just one Stick Memory in the correct slot 0 or 1 slot.
Graphics card. and CPU. that should boot to BIOS if you press Del when starting. If it does fit one bit hardware at a time and try

  woodchip 22:05 18 Aug 2005

PS do not forget the CPU fan

  DieSse 22:11 18 Aug 2005

I don't think this motherboard supports Celeron D.

Celeron D is a Prescott core.

click here

  DieSse 22:16 18 Aug 2005

Sorry - not quite exact enough. There are three versions of this motherboard 651M Combo, 651 L and 651 M-V

Only the 641 M-V supports Ceeron D click here check each one from here.

Are you sure which one you have?

  masterchief117 22:23 18 Aug 2005

ok ill give the 1 part at a time thing ago tomorrow im to tired now n dont wanna risk doing more damage. DieSse i check ur thing but it says for a MS 6769, mines a MS 7005. the mate who gave me the board said he was runnin a celeron 2.6 in it before hand so i hope thats not the problem. well i'll see tomorrow fingers crossed, cheers

  DieSse 22:35 18 Aug 2005

A "celeron 2.6" could be a Celeron or a Celeron D - they're very different.

  DieSse 22:47 18 Aug 2005

You're partially correct - I'm sorry but MSI use confusing names - two different ones for each board (confused me anyway!).

The 651M-Combo is actually the MS6769 as you say

The MS7005 (651M-L) - does NOT support the Celeron D

The MS7005(ver 2)(651M-V) - DOES support the Celeron D

So it's very important as to which version you have! It looks like Ver 1 is the wrong version.

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