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  cafc1962 07:24 13 Apr 2004

Can anyone help. I put together a pc yesterday using an MSI K7N2GM-L board, Athlon XP 2400, 512mb of Crucial RAM, Seagate 80gb hard drive. When I switched the system on all I got was a continuous single beep tone. I've re-checked all the connections and everything seems to be ok, all the drives seem to be correctly seated and cabled but I still get the same result. The board uses a Phoenix BIOS, I've read through the manual and cannot find any explanation for the problem, I've also searched for Phoenix BIOS codes on Google but there is no explanation for the continuous single beep tone I'm getting. There are a lot of jumper settings on the board, could there be something simple I've overlooked? Any help would be much appreciated.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:28 13 Apr 2004

If you have 2 sticks of memory take one out, reboot, then try with the other.


  ardvarc 10:31 13 Apr 2004

On Jumper 3 (2pin) make sure it is both pins shorted. That will set your CPU FSB to 133/166.

Jumper 4 (3pin) make sure pins 1 & 2 are shorted(1 is the top pin) to give 133 user mode for XP2400 CPU.

JBAT1 (3pin) should have pins 1 & 2 shorted to save CMOS settings (2 & 3) to clear CMOS if needed. Also try GANDALF <|:-)> suggestion. Check your manual for BIOS settings. I have just downloaded it to check.

  cafc1962 13:42 13 Apr 2004

Thanks for the reply's. I'll give them a go when I get home from work and let you know th oucome.


  cafc1962 20:16 13 Apr 2004

I've now dismantled all the parts and re-fitted. Now the system switches on ok. But I get no beeps at all and my monitor does not seem to recognise that the system is connected to it, I just get a flashing green light on the monitor and nothing on the display. One thing I've noticed is the manual doesn't make it clear what way around the front panel connectors should be plugged in, could this be a problem?

  pete-290318 21:51 13 Apr 2004

from experiences I have had in the past I would look at the graphics set up ... dont know whether youre onboard or a graphics card but check everything is seated correctly and check the monitor plug is inserted fully.. worth checking.

  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 21:56 13 Apr 2004

I think the one single beep means it passed the post tests not sure,i think there is ony errors with more beeps.not really sure what u mean by front panel conectors? on the monitor or mobo?


  cafc1962 00:26 14 Apr 2004

Thanks for the comments. The graphics card is on board and the monitor is connected ok, as far as I can see there is nothing to set up, when I say front panel connectors I mean the little connectors from the case that connect to the board. Seems to me that I have a dud mobo. I'm getting no sounds at all when I switch on, maybe the BIOS is dead.

  ardvarc 11:28 14 Apr 2004

Have you installed the Motherboard drivers for Graphics, Sound and Utilities. Check in Device Manager to see if there are any yellow question marks. Paragraph 2-18 & 2-19 explain the case fittings and sound. If you are using the back panel for sound then you need to have pins 5-6, 9-10 shorted on JAUD1.

JFP1 & JFP2 are for the case fittings. I have to use a large magnifying glass with a built in light to see where the case fittings need connecting.

  Gongoozler 11:42 14 Apr 2004

No beeps at all means that the motherboard isn't even switching on. Disconnect everything from the motherboard except the processor with heatsink, a stick of memory, the power supply, the monitor, the power-on switch and the case speaker. If you don't get any beeps, then one of those parts is faulty, or there is a short from the motherboard to chassis which you can check for by unscrewing the motherboard from the case and resting it on a sheet of card. If you do get a beep you should also get the initial BIOS boot screen and an error message to tell you that there is no operating system.

  Rayuk 18:25 14 Apr 2004

Have you got the cpu fan connected via the motherboard or to a molex connecter?

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