Built in freeview bad signal - Help!

  relaxinnz 17:08 04 Sep 2009

Ive just been bought a hitachi flat screen tv with built in freeview - i auto tuned it yesterday all channels are fine except ITV, ITV2 and channel 4. I have a picture but it jumps all the time and makes a horrible noise! We only have a portable ariel attached to it - is this the problem??


  birdface 17:34 04 Sep 2009

You are lucky to get any pictures with a portable aerial.Do you get all of the rest of the freeview channels.If so you are doing well.

  relaxinnz 17:36 04 Sep 2009

oh really? yeah, everything else is pritty good!

  mikef. 17:46 04 Sep 2009

ITV and Ch4 are always the worse channels around here as well

  birdface 11:36 05 Sep 2009

You must be lucky enough to be in a digital area.
I thought that I would give mine a try as we had just bought a portable aerial a few weeks back.
It was a waste of time it picked very little up and what pictures we received were not worth watching.

  Stuartli 12:44 05 Sep 2009

Until the full digital switchover in each region, digital television transmissions are at very low levels, hence the need for a decent aerial signal to the TV or set top box.

The only portable aerial I know that works quite creditably is:

click here

which I bought at Argos a while back for £9.99 to use with a bedroom Freeview STB.

I did, however, originally tune the box using the main outdoor TV aerial's input before transferring the box for connection to the bedroom TV.

  Poitier 19:15 05 Sep 2009

Or you could connect one of the many signal boosters between the aerial and the set.Your problem channels are the weak ones.

  Technotiger 19:44 05 Sep 2009

This signal booster actually works quite well, which surprised me, because most so-called boosters I have tried previously, were pretty useless ...

click here

  laurie53 19:55 05 Sep 2009

The trouble with signal boosters is that they will boost a bad signal just as much as a good one.

In other words, if you have have a bad signal to start with you will simply end up with an amplified bad signal.

That is why you will see, in the tuning set up of many modern TVs, one indicator for signal strength and another for signal quality - they are not one and the same.

A quick rule of thumb is to try analogue teletext.

If it's readable without too many garbled letters you should have a watchable freeview signal, but that is only a quick rough and ready check.

  Stuartli 21:18 05 Sep 2009

Your aerial amplifier is very similar to one I have (it's two way and the actual manufacturer is Philex), but it only cost me £6.99 at Aldi...:-)

I have another Philex aerial amplifier, this time the SLx2 re-badged by Tesco under its Tecknika brand name. Price was £8.99. Labgear is (was?) another well known Philex brand name.

click here

Philex offers some useful technical information and assistance for its products and for general advice:

click here

  Technotiger 21:26 05 Sep 2009

Hi, thanks for the info - I bought mine from a local shop a little while ago, I think I paid £9.99. But I am pleased with it.

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