Built in Fire Wall with Broadband routers ?

  Shahid Hameed 11:51 28 Jul 2008


Is builtin firewall with Broadband routers is sufficient for security & privacy ?

I am using Linksys router & Windows firewall at the moment

Many Thanks

  LastChip 12:18 28 Jul 2008

But click here and scroll down to Shields Up to run a test.

This is a well regarded test site that will show you just how potentially vulnerable you are.

  nosharpe 12:26 28 Jul 2008

I would highly recommend that you install a stand-alone firewall such as Zonealarm.
The Linksys & Windows firewalls may be okay but Zonealarm gives that added bespoke protection.
Windows firewall will be disabled when you install Zonealarm.

  LastChip 12:49 28 Jul 2008

Why, because of where it is introduced within the boot process of the Windows kernel.

Most hardware (router) based firewalls are:

a. on all the time while the router is running, and

b. are Linux or BSD based which is more secure than anything Windows can produce.

That is one of many reasons why commercial organisations run dedicated hardware firewalls.

There is no harm in running a software based firewall as well, but don't get the misguided notion that it is better.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:27 28 Jul 2008

..and a firewall is totally useless if you (inadvertently) give a programme permission to run.


  [email protected] 13:51 28 Jul 2008

used the router one and just an av for a while now, as gandalf says no malware will post 'click here for virus infection'
if malware is hidden/ has fooled your antivirus i cant see a firewall being too much of a problem to it.
router one is fine IMHO

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