Built computer but no power

  User-498DB432-30A7-4FC5-B65F3A4738DB7CB4 13:35 12 May 2003

Just built computer :-

PC Chips 810DLMU SktA

I connected everything according to the manual but on switching on there`s no power to the Motherboard.

I have checked the mains supply & power lead & I have read a post regarding testing the PSU which I have done & seems to work (to the extent that the fan inside the PSU runs).

I have also cleared CMOS memory, but there is still no power.

I have read a post also regarding switching on the power on the PSU, but on looking around it there doesn`t seem to be any kind of switch.

  mrdsgs 13:43 12 May 2003

sounds like the problem is the cable from the power switch on your case to the header pins on your motherbaord.

make sure you have the correct cable on the correct pins.

  mrdsgs 13:44 12 May 2003

the other possibility is that the atx power cable is not correctly seated on the motherboard connector. It should click into place

I am posotive that the atx power cable is correctly secured.

The power switch lead is connected as per motherboard manual instructions onto the header pins

  Legolas 13:56 12 May 2003

I had the same problem with the first system I built although not the same make of m/b I was using a Elite K7S5A, it turned out to be a dead m/b is there any way you can test the m/b.


I don`t know how I should test a motherboard except for plugging it in & hoping it will start up.

I have unplugged all drives & removed the motherboard from the case just to be sure it`s not shorting out somewhere & still nothing


The only way I can think of, to find out if the motherboard was dead, would be to go out & buy another...If that works then I`d know *L*.

  Legolas 14:35 12 May 2003

If you take the board to your nearest computer shop they will test it for you, it might cost you a tenner or something but will be cheaper than buying a new m/b and if it is not the m/b at least you now know that. Or take it back to where you purchased it and get them to test it.

  AndySD 15:00 12 May 2003

Go right back to basics and just have one stick of ram the hard drive and the floppy drive attached only....will it boot now... if not are there any jumpers on the motherboad...if so check they are set correctly....if its still nat booting can you change the RAM for another stick?

  odee 15:15 12 May 2003

The PSU is a switched mode power supply, so will not start if it senses any fault on the mother board.
The power switch pins connected to the power switch should be checked for continuity. New power switches do fail, double check all connectors. Some power connectors are a bad fit.
If that fails get professional help.

I have moved the Clear CMOS jumper over on the off chance that it was wrong as the motherboard layout isn`t too clear & I have power @ the moment

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