Building Your Own Pc ? Hard ?

  Shutt1e 12:40 19 May 2007

I am wondering wether or not i should build my own pc as i heard its alot cheaper than having to buy it all as one.
I have never done anything like this before and am wondering wether it would be to complicated.
I saw a guide on and it seemed pretty straightforward ect.
And how do you go about putting an OS on the hard drive and installing all the drivers.

Help would be much appreciated


  MAJ 12:45 19 May 2007

It used to be less expensive to build your own PC, but not anymore with the price of PCs tumbling. Although you can still get great enjoyment and satisfaction from building your own.

  Shutt1e 12:48 19 May 2007

oh right well were is the best place to get a pc thats cheap, can handle internet and word processing ect, well and has at least a 64mb dedicated gfx my budgets about 250-350


  MAJ 12:50 19 May 2007

Dell probably. click here

  Legolas 12:51 19 May 2007

On the first point it maybe was at one time cheaper to build your own but with some of the computer prices now it no longer is. Having said that I have built my last 4 systems and although it can be frustrating I wouldn't say it was difficult.

If you have the itch to do it I would give it a go and if you get into difficulties you can always come here and get great advice.

Anything that needs drivers will either come incorporated with the OS or as a separate disc with the product eg your graphics card will come bundled with a disc with all the drivers you will need. You will have to purchase an OS and install it in the usual way, this to me is the biggest drawback in building you own as XP or Visa are quite expensive wheras a ready built sysem will almost always inclde an OS in the price.

  Shutt1e 12:54 19 May 2007

i see that there is a dell pc for 249 that looks good, and is it worth upgrading the gfx to 128mb for £32 as i am not sure that World of warcraft would run on that intergrated card not sure though, the gfdx spec for WoW is 64Mb

  MAJ 12:57 19 May 2007

I don't play games on my PC, Shutt1e, so I can't advise on them. How about this PC, not bad. click here

  [email protected] 12:59 19 May 2007

click here
because of the age of wow it's default settings are very basic, it ran at higher than standard settings on my compaq 512 mb amd 3500 with on board 6150le graphics, some ideas:
click here

  [email protected] 13:00 19 May 2007


  Legolas 13:02 19 May 2007

MAJ Because as I stated in my post I have built my last 4 systems it is a while since I looked at what is available ready built and I must say I like the look of the DimensionTM 9200 with 320hdd and 20inch widescreen monitor it looks a cracker.

  Legolas 13:07 19 May 2007

Shutt1e this is the problem with cheaper systems one of the areas they save on is the graphics card. Built in graphics will struggle to play the latest games and some low end graphic cards will only plat some games at a very basic setting. If you into gaming I would spend a bit extra and get a decent graphics card. Another downside to a cheaper system is they are not very future proof in terms of the technology used.

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