Building a web site from scratch

  willhay 22:28 17 Jun 2003

I want to make a web site for my wifes boss, but havent a clue where to start. What program do I use to make the site, How do I get te likes of google to find it when it has been made and who do I upload it to to get it on the web. As you can see I aint got a clue so anyone with a bit of time and wouldnt mind posting some basic instructions, I would be very grateful, or even point me in the right durection as regards helpful websites

  Falkyrn 23:21 17 Jun 2003

1. Consider your decision

2. If you still want to go ahead,plan the design beforehand with a good old pad and pencil.Decide what you want the content to be,the message thats to be delivered and your general look.

3. reconsider your decision

You'll need to invest in an editor. Given the lack of experience your questions appear to indicate you would be better investing in a wysiwyg (what you see is what you get) type of editor ... there are many about and the prices vary.

To upload it many of the better editor systems have a publishing or uploading facility ... failing that you'll need some form of ftp (file transfer) program.

web space .... if this is for a personal page or site your internet provider proabably has supplied you with some space on their servers If its for a business site I would suggest further investment

  Agent Smith 23:25 17 Jun 2003

I used Front Page to create my website and Xara for some of the buttons and dividers. Look in your e-mail I'm sending you my old course notes. They should give you a starting place. You will need a programme to upload your site too, I use Terrapin FTP. Just realised I can't send attachments through this e-mail system. If you send me your e-mail addy I'll forward the notes to you. Regards, Bob

  powertool 20:28 18 Jun 2003

I taught myself HTML from a book called HTML Goodies by Joe Burn and I have to say that I found it very easy and a lot of fun. Now that I understand how it works, and it is not difficult, I can get my pages to look exactly how I want, and if I find a site that I like the design of I can look at the code to see how they did it. You can get a taster of the book at the website.

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