Building ur own computer.

  slimbo51 18:51 20 Jan 2004

Calling all people who build their own home computers.......!!!!
Having had a look in consumer watch on this site, their seems to be a high percentage of complaints regarding delivery and service from box sellers.
My question is, do u think building ur own machine give u a higher reliability factor than a shop bought one.
If so why...? (better components, more care in assembly..ect)

Many thanks for your replies.

  Dazwm 18:58 20 Jan 2004

My opinion is that if you build one yourself you can taylor it to your own needs i.e gaming etc. I built mine and I am very happy with it. It also gave me alot of satisfaction.

  [email protected] 19:05 20 Jan 2004

click here
click here

These may be of help if you go ahead with the build but beware, its very addictive.

  Gaz 25 19:14 20 Jan 2004

And also bewere, if something goes wrong, its yuor money.

Good luck anyhow!


  961 19:17 20 Jan 2004

If you know a little about computers then it is a good idea to think about building your own

Have a look at click here to see what is involved and find out if you would feel happy doing the work involved

You may save a little money but the main reasons for doing it are


no need for a warranty...if it goes wrong the 24/7 helpline is on site for free

you can upgrade when necessary

The second site mention by [email protected] is a good one. The book that goes with it is even better. You may find it in your local library

Finally, if you buy good components and put them together carefully your computer should run without trouble for years

  dfghjkl 20:17 20 Jan 2004

i built my own last year,i ended up with exactly what i wanted.having put each part in myself,if i did get a problem then the chances are that i would know which component it was and be able to replace it myself under the warranty of the item and not have to send my whole pc off to someone else and risk losing it.that said it is not for everyone.but i only learnt how to turn one on and off 2 years ago and turning 40 this year have had no pc education at all.good luck

  [email protected]@m 21:12 20 Jan 2004

Good luck indeed! But please note by using 'Text speak' you will alienate the very people who could help the most. IT'S A TURN OFF!

  josie mayhem 21:58 20 Jan 2004

Building your own system is very, very, very adictive!

I have never looked back, I think not only do you get what you want in a computer, but also you can keep up with technology, because you can up-grade and when you rebuild you can also reuse componnents, so it is in the long run pretty well cost effective.

And going by pca commsumer forum, things like after sales services and extended warreties makes you wonder weather there are worth the paper they are written on! And how many complaints are made saying that they haven't recieved the spec they thought they were getting, and what can they do about it.

When you build your own, you know exactly what going into it, you can have the odd glich or two, but mainly not much problems.

The first one the worse, but if you are carefull, follow advise and systomatic about things then you can't really go wrong. It is almost like building lego.

But remember you are playing with electric, so the uppermost respect is a most concerning this and safety is number one.

  Gaz 25 22:01 20 Jan 2004

Thats me. I got the bug.

I want the best all the time, the fastest processor. LOL.

Shame, I love the 64 bit chips, but have to make do with my 2600+ system and 3000+system. :-(

  tlr 22:42 20 Jan 2004

I have just done my first one I got all the bits I wanted with a bit of conflict info from this site, it works a treat and for once I will not mind when time creeps up on it and it is too slow so I will have to do it all again.......on the down sides there is no warrenty or support except the componants individual guarentee or help from this site plus it does not really always work out cheaper unless you have some bits and bobs you could salvage from your current system. But what a feeling of euphoria when you fire it up for the first time and it works......

  BBez 22:47 20 Jan 2004

yeah, build your own, then, each build you do will expand your network

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