Building Problem

  bobber100 11:33 15 Feb 2003

Hi, I am trying to put together a PC for my nephew from some used parts I have. The problem is on boot up it recognises the CPU, Memory the Hard Disk and then just stops, no error messages or anything. any ideas would be appreciated.

  Forum Editor 11:39 15 Feb 2003

You may need to reset some configurations there. Presumably you have an operating system on the hard drive?

Another thing worth trying is to reset the CMOS - which you can do by removing the battery for around a minute. Many motherboards have a CMOS reset jumper which removes the need to take out the battery. It's more likely to be a BIOS configuration problem though. The RAM is being counted correctly I presume?

  bobber100 11:43 15 Feb 2003

Hi Ed, I have reset the cmos, played around with the bios and as for an operating system it doesnt quite reach that stage of booting it is stopping just before that, tried booting from HD, Floppy and CD.


  BlueMeanie 12:09 15 Feb 2003

A long shot....
Try setting the BIOS to detect just the one Hard Drive, (Disconnect the CD-Rom) and that AUTO is NOT selected for the other three options ie 2nd channel Primary/Secondary

Is there an option for the DMI pool to be reset ? if so set this to YES.

Try removing all added cards apart from the Display Adapter.

  professor 16:05 15 Feb 2003

soundcard is going to be pci i presume graphics is going to be agp probably....

ok in BIOS set pci to auto config options
and let BIOS detect HD if it really wont boot look at your cpu make shure you havnt overclocked it too much(if at all) and that the power supply to your cpu is neither too little or too much and make shure the fan is working and it may help to put some coolant paste on the cpu.

well i cant think of anything else which would cause it to do what you describe...oh it may be that your HD has failed ive had HD's a plenty which seem ok but wont boot to windows i found it to be a bad HD in all of my senarios


  howard60 16:30 15 Feb 2003

ribbon cable to the floppy is the correct way round ie stripe to terminal 1. This has been known to stop booting.

  bobber100 18:11 15 Feb 2003

Hi, thanks for your suggestions, unfortunately still not working.

I give in ...............


  Gaz 25 19:46 15 Feb 2003

We have got a problem here havent we.

Er, you could try removing all CD-drives, soundcards but the HDD and graphics and see if anything gets further this will indicate a hardware is stopping it. Another option is to tinker a little in the bios, I persume you may have already done that though, be careful though unless you know what your doing.

  bobber100 20:25 15 Feb 2003

I have stripped everything out, messed around in the bios, but it is stopping just before it boots from floppy or Hdisk. It does not report any errors just stops???????????????

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