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  mozzano 23:28 31 Jan 2007

Hello everyone a newbie here. i was wondering if amyone could advise me as to a decent book to help build my own pc? if anyone could even suggest a good spec for one that would be great too.


  Totally-braindead 23:41 31 Jan 2007

Its like asking how long is a bit of string regarding a decent spec. A decent spec for what? All round use such as word processing internet etc, or gaming, or digital photos, ot video editing etc etc.
Regarding books theres loads but which is best I'm unsure, part of the problem is things move on so quick. You'd be better seeing what your library can get you rather than buying something that would be out of date in a couple of years. Also it does cost more now to build a PC from scratch unless you've already got a load of the components.

  Totally-braindead 23:43 31 Jan 2007

Should have said that although it is more expensive to build your own PC it is great fun and comes in very handy when you need to upgrade or repair it.

  mozzano 23:49 31 Jan 2007

Cheers Totally, I was looking to build one for gaming, aswell as the usual stuff. I have some new components in my current pc but the board and cpu are getting a bit dated. i could probably build it without the book but was thinking i may need one for the intricate stuff.

  gudgulf 23:53 31 Jan 2007

This is as good a place as any to start click here

Loads of good information and reviews of all the components.

  Totally-braindead 23:54 31 Jan 2007

Try the library for a book, if you have bits why not consider a barebones unit like one of these click here and add on a graphics card and any other bits you need.
You may need a new copy of windows unless the one you have now is a full version.

  mozzano 00:00 01 Feb 2007

Thanx again Totally, I am looking to get the GForce 8800 GTX card is this one of the best on the market.

  Totally-braindead 00:17 01 Feb 2007

It is indeed one of the best on the market but its way out of my price range. Nearly £400 for a graphics card is well beyond my means.

The thing is to try to get a fairly balanced set of components. Let me explain what I mean. There is no point getting a blow your head off super powerful graphics card if you do not have a load of memory and a really good processor.
You will get better performance in my opinion at least if you link a card like that to a really fast processor and at least 2 gig of RAM. If you put it in a computer with 512mb RAM or a slowish processor you will just not get the performance it is capable of.
Another thing that is often overlooked is the monitor. A cheap monitor using a graphics card like that would be a bit of a waste, the card would be able to run the latest games at very high resolution and if it was a cheap monitor then it would only be able to go to much lower resolutions. It would still be a fantastic picture but what I mean is you could find that a card half the price could give you the same picture at the lower resolutions that the monitor was capable of.
If you have the money to get a mega graphics card, plenty of RAM and a very fast processor then by all means go ahead. Just don't make the mistake of putting such a good graphics card in a PC with a slow processor with a poor screen and little memory as it would be a waste. Far better if you have a budget to drop to a lower priced graphics card and get a faster processor and more RAM.
You have to get some sort of balance between the components.

  mozzano 12:32 01 Feb 2007

Thanx again totally, it seems like i was starting to go the wrong way about this. i had a look at the bundle PC's you sent the link for. i thought about going for this one.

Barebone Bundle AMD X2 AM2 4200 Dual Core 1GB 667Mhz Dual Channel DDR Hiper PSU nForce 570 Motherboard.

what do u think? i'd probably look to improve the ram on it so that it can handle the graphics card i mentioned.

i'm just sfter a pc that i shouldn't really need to update for a couple of years if not more.

  BioBob 13:01 01 Feb 2007

Blimey, you're brave experimenting on a system that expensive!!

By the time you factor in the cost of a decent book and all the postage costs, you'd probably be better off ordering one. There arent many PC companys that will make to your exact spec, but you can e-mail these guys for a quote click here . We use them a lot now; all components seem to be at trade price...

My son has this book click here - looks pretty cool, but having tried and failed to make PCs in the past (expensive mistake too!!) I call in the pros now :) Good luck

  jackhass 13:15 01 Feb 2007

mozzano forget the books.

Get to the boot sales and pick up some cheap towers £10 or £20.

Take them apart and rebuild them.When you do this around a dozen times and have some working towers then and only then would I consider building an expensive system.

The best book and information is the net;all the info is there.

The first pc I rebuilt I melted but that is the right time to make those crazy mistakes.
Built over 50 since.

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