Building a PC: will my components work?

  McNutterz 16:17 13 Jan 2012

here is a list of all of the hardware:


Operating system:

Tower case:


Hard drive:



Power supply:


CD/DVD drive:


Will all of these parts work together? ( I just want to make sure before I do something foolish )

Does the power supply have enough Wattage to power the machine?

Is this going to be a powerful machine? (What games am i expecting to be able to max out on graphical detail, I intend to do gmaing on this rig)

What wires will I need to connect the hardware?

Will this PC be good for the price (APPROX = £640)?

Could I make it cheaper?

Sorry for any inconveniences within my post, any help would me much appreciated!!

  KRONOS the First 17:00 13 Jan 2012

In my opinion you should be looking at an I5 2500K CPU with a P8P67 or possibly a Z68 motherboard and you would be better with an ATX rather than a M-ATX as you will find that you might have air flow problems with the smaller board, particularly as you are looking to put together a gaming PC together and a lot of heat can be generated by the graphics card.Your PSU,although expensive,is not really rated,you should be looking for a Corsair or Akasa or OCZ. You have chosen a good graphics card. Stick with Windows 7 64BIT. You might want to have a look at Scan Computing or Ebuyer for your components rather than Amazon.

  McNutterz 17:23 13 Jan 2012

What wattage power supply do you think will suit my build, and the reason why I went with the AMD processor was because of price. The game I am wanting to run mainly is GW2 with max settings. Wouldn't this CPU do fine, Or wont it cut it?

  KRONOS the First 18:39 13 Jan 2012

PSU: 500W minimum. As for the AMD CPU it should be fine, you can still get your components cheaper,nothing wrong with Amazon but I prefer to get my components from companies that specialise in this sort of gear. If you would like I could put together a build and you can compare the components. Just need your budget for the base unit not including monitor or keyboard etc.

  [email protected] 20:15 13 Jan 2012

The Intel i5 processors are far superior to what AMD currently has on offer so I would certainly suggest getting one of them instead, even if you can't afford to stretch to the 2500K. Here are some benchmarks.

£90 on a PSU is not necessary either. Any of these would be more than adequate: Corsair 600W, Antec 650W, Be Quiet 600W

  McNutterz 22:39 13 Jan 2012

Ok thanks for all the help! My budget is around £700, less if possible. The main reason I am building this PC is to basically switch platforms from xbox to a better community and gaming system. I want to be able to play GW2 on full graphics settings whilst having a solid FPS. In general a solid gaming computer with good performance.

  McNutterz 23:10 13 Jan 2012

Also can someone recommend a good tower case?

  McNutterz 23:43 13 Jan 2012

I had another shop around and this is what I came up with.

MY PC BUILD... £664


Windows 7 - 64 Bit

Coolermaster - elite 430

Corsair - 600W Power supply

Core i5 2500K - quad core 3.3GHz 6MB cache

Asus GeForce GTX 560TI - 1MB GDDR5

SEAGATE Barracuda - 500GB 7200Rpm

Asus P8P67 - ATX Motherboard

G-Skill Ripjaws - 8GB DDR3

Liteon Internal DVDRW - 24X









CD/DVD Drive

  [email protected] 03:03 14 Jan 2012

"Also can someone recommend a good tower case?"

The things to look out for in a case are its looks, size, build quality, airflow, and (particularly if it has a side window) cable management.

The CoolerMaster 430 case you have chose is fine in all those respects apart from cable management. Some higher end cases have a small space behind the motherboard tray that lets you route all the cables out of sight (something like this), where as on the 430 case you'll be able to see all of the cable runs. This is the case that I personally own, and I find it excellent (I've added a few extra fans though - a 140mm fan on the side for Graphics Card cooling and a 200mm exhaust fan on the top). Even something cheaper like this would fulfil the criteria if you like the look of it. Have a look through yourself though as personal taste is important here.

The only other thing you may want to consider is an aftermarket CPU cooler. Not essential, but they tend to run quieter than the stock coolers, and will allow you overclocking potential if that's ever a route you decide to go down in the future. This one is regarded as being very good for its price, but again, have a look for yourself for one that you like.

Otherwise, it's all looking good :o)

  KRONOS the First 06:31 14 Jan 2012

I'm with [email protected] on your choice of components,very nice. I am also in agreement on his comments on your case. Airflow is an important fact in a PC case and if you can hide most of the cabling behind the motherboard try then cool air coming in from the front of the case can easily push the hot air out of the back/top without being deflected by lots of cables. It will also look a lot tidier particularly if you stick a couple of LED fans in the case.

I would change your choice of RAM to this: RAM the reason for this is a major issue when building a PC is compatibility and memory has often caused me problems. I have the same mobo as you have selected and I know the RAM I have suggested works fine with the board.

As for [email protected]'s comments on an aftermarket cooler, I personally do not think you need to consider one at this time. The cooler that comes with the i5 CPU is more than sufficient and pretty quiet. The stock coolers have improved greatly over the years and will be more than enough for most builders. Should you wish to overclock later then it's a simple job to change the cooler. I run a stock cooler in my i5 HTPC with one intake and one exhaust fan and you would not know the PC was on if you could not see the small power light.

As for overclocking,this can be a dangerous practise and although a lot easier to do these days you can still trash your CPU and although I do it,it is more to do with testing my abilities rather than any real noticable benefit.

  McNutterz 10:07 14 Jan 2012

Thanks for all of the replies,I really appreciate all of the help you have given me!

I am going to take your advice and go for the RAM you have suggested. As for overclocking, I wouldn't like to overclock my machine unless it is necessary. If I were to overclock my machine I would buy more fans for my tower, I am not keen on the idea of me accidentally breaking my machine.

You have all been a massive help, THANK YOU!!!

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