Building PC Turns on but processor doesnt work

  Butt Trash 12:15 09 Mar 2003

I am building a PC and it is all put together when i turn it on nothing comes on the screen I have a Mach 4 KT400-ATH motherboard and a AMD Duron 1.3cpu it says it is compatible on the manual.Can Anybody help.

  AndySD 12:24 09 Mar 2003

Do you recieve any beeps?

Check the ram is fully in the slots.

Make sure the front panel connectors are correct (eg the power switch etc)

  MalcSP 12:37 09 Mar 2003

that everything is seated OKand that the plugs are in the right sockets/pins then the probable fault is that there is a short somewhere. Check that nothing is touching the motherboard other thanwhat should be. CDROM drives are the most common intruder but it could be other things. Get back and let us know how you are progressing with as muchinformation as you can give.

  woodchip 12:42 09 Mar 2003

You should go through all the setting again with the manual. Also remove all Drives except Floppy and remove all cards except graphics. you should have just the basics so you can get to the CMOS setup

  Paroxetine 13:05 09 Mar 2003

one way to check is to make sure the graphics card is properly seated or using the right one. I have found on MSI boards they are set to PCI cards by default. Means I have to load in a PCI card, change setting to AGP and install the preferred card. Bit of a hassle really.

Also check the web site for it too, could be some useful stuff there if not already done so.


  Rayuk 15:30 09 Mar 2003

You dont have to do that just insert card into agp slot then go into bios and change setting to agp.
Someone will correct me if I am wrong but I think the setting is to give priority to pci or agp card,as there is no pci card it will go onto the agp automatically.

  DieSse 18:03 09 Mar 2003

Quite correct - The "Initialise Grraphics First" AGP/PCI setting for graphics has no effect on whether the system will start up or not.

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