Building a PC from Scratch, Which parts so i need

  Irfman 15:04 17 May 2004

OK, im gonna build a pc from scratch, ive got the money. Can someone list the parts for me. I know some main parts, like case, motherboard, ram/memory/,hardrive,dvd rom/cdr,... what else

  spanneress 15:10 17 May 2004


Processor & heatsink
Power supply
IDE cables
Graphics card / sound card if not built into m/board
A drive?
Operating system
Tool kit
Cuddly toy.



  €dstowe 15:11 17 May 2004

An important consideration is patience! Computers are not difficult to build but can be frustrating. Have a look at click here for some instructions.


  Old Shep 15:12 17 May 2004


  Eric10 15:18 17 May 2004

Consider a DVD burner which could replace both the DVD-Rom and CD-RW.

  Irfman 15:18 17 May 2004

ok, thanks for the replys, but ive got 1 more question, if a motherboard has in built sound/video, would i be able to use graphics card and sound card seperatly, like buy a graphicsa card and put them into the motherboard.

  Legolas 15:37 17 May 2004

The answer is yes you just turn off the on-board sound/video and install your sound/video card. Make sure the m/b has a agp slot (advanced graphics port)for the graphics card.

The sound card will fit into a spare PCI slot so make sure the m/b has a spare PCI slot if you are planning to use a sound card rather than onboard sound.

  [email protected] 15:57 17 May 2004

I built my current system and was chuffed when it sprang to life.


1 - Self building may not work out any cheaper than buying a complete system.

2 - If you have any problems you might have more of a headache warranty wise.

Personally I wouldn't self build again unless I was using a few parts I already had - which is more upgrading I suppose.

Can I ask why you are building instead of buying ready made?

p.s. Best of luck if you go ahead with it

  961 16:49 17 May 2004

I would suggest you buy a motherboard with on board sound but without on board graphics, the reason being that a separate AGP grahics card generally produces better results

Can I suggest you look at click here and you may care to see if your local library has a book called "Upgrading and repairing PCs" by Scott Mueller.

You may not save much by building your own, but you will certainly enjoy it if you take it slowly and you will also be able to be your own 24hr help line so that any "return to base" is avoided

  961 16:53 17 May 2004 should be click here and not the one given above

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