Building a PC- More help needed.

  ribo 10:31 11 May 2003

Hello, Can anyone help me with this. I am building a pc and have a Asus A7N8X Deluxe Mother board. It has a 20 pin panel with instructions to connect the following. 1)Power lead (2) Keyboard Lock switch (3)System warning speaker Lead (4)System Management interrupt lead (5)ATX Power switch lead(6)Reset switch lead.
My problem is that I have only 5 leads coming from the PSU(1)ok (2)Have not got(3)OK(4)have not got(5)OK(6)ok. So I am left with a lead from the PSU marked HDD LED lead.
So to try and clarify I have 5 leads from the psu .4 of which seem ok and a HDD Led Lead left over. I have no leads from the Psu for the (2)Keylock or the (4) SMI connectors.
Hope I have made myself clear and do hope someone can give me some help and the answer. Thanks. J

  mark e 10:57 11 May 2003

I suggest you re-read the manuals PSU leads are for drives etc and 1 lead plugs into mobo. the rest come from the case ie. power light, power switch, hdd light, etc

  ribo 11:30 11 May 2003

Thanks, I suppose I must have said the wrong thing.The leads I am talking about, all 5 of them come from the case. Sorry about that. Can you helps ? J

  DieSse 11:37 11 May 2003

Most cases these days will have only

Power switch, Power LED, Hard Drive LED, Reset switch, and Loudspeaker. So you just don't put anything on the other connector pins.

If you can't find where to put the Hard Disk LED, then look again in your manual, sometimes it's not in the same place on the motherboard.

  Rayuk 11:42 11 May 2003

hdd led goes into connector ideled1 page 25
see page 8
It is in the bottom corner next to the control panel connectors

  Zaxifone 11:44 11 May 2003

Its in the manual, Chapter 1, 1-16. It's seperate from the system panel connectors. If you connect it and it still doesn't work, reverse the connector.

Hope this helps...


  DieSse 11:46 11 May 2003

The hard drive LED is marked IDE LED, and is a single connector above and to the left of the main connector block, and likewise just above and to the right of the sounder (just looked on the manual for you).

  ribo 11:48 11 May 2003

Thanks you for your reply DieSeeIt is in the MoBo manual that shows this 20pin panel and it has no connection for the HDD led lead. There is a connector called "IDE Activity LED (2-pin IDELED)"
which reads "This connector supplies power to the cabinets IDE activity LED. Read and write activity by devices connected to the primary or secondary IDE connectors cause the IDE LED to light up." Could this be it? Your help is much appreciated. J

  ribo 11:56 11 May 2003

Thank you all for your help.I really do appreciate it and could not manage without it.
Why it has to say IDE LED instead of HDD LED I do not know. It does not help folks like me!!.I did look in the manual,honest but was looking for a connector that said HDD LED. Thanks again,all of you. J

  fitfella29 13:12 11 May 2003

ive just put one of these boards into my pc and had the exactly the same problem,take heart that its not only yourself that couldnt figure it out.

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