Building PC HELPPPPP!!!!!!!!

  GarageFlower 14:17 21 Jun 2004


Right i have a pentium 2 old crap computer.
I want to completey build myself a new one, with all new parts apart frm the hard drives and the modem.

i want to get a pentium 4. my cd drives and Hard drives are all connected via the two IDE ports.

Since i been looking for a new mobo to fit my new p4 processor i noticed that most new mobos are SATA rather than IDE. is there any way i can connect my two IDE hard drives and two IDE cd drives to a new mobo with SATA connections on it?
as is there convertor cables etc?

  daxian 15:03 21 Jun 2004

hi GF ...
you will find that even the newest boards still have ide connectors,it is not something that will be taken off for a good while yet .
so get the one with the best specs that you can afford ....

  PSF 15:05 21 Jun 2004

Most of the motherboard still support both S-ATA and IDE drives, an example: click here

  GarageFlower 15:06 21 Jun 2004

ok thank you for the advice

i want to get a decent p4 processor.

which would you recommend. and what mobo to go with it?

also how can i tell if my current mobo is atx?

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