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  dave726587 19:49 30 Sep 2006

I want to build a new desktop that will do well with new high performance games. I will need quite alot of space to store movies, games, pictures and music. I would like to have an intel dual core 2 cpu for high multi-taking performance.
Can anyone reccommend a graphics card, a motherboard, cpu and the right amount of ram?

Any tft monitor will do aslong as its not under 17inch.

Can you show me any good system cases to?
My price budget is up to £600 but if realy neccesary i will try to go up to £700


  gudgulf 21:52 30 Sep 2006

I think you might really struggle to build what you suggest for the budget you quote.

Prices here are very competitive click here

Have a good look.........but to give you an idea.

Cheapes Core2 Duo £140 click here

Cheapes motherboard to put it on,just under £40 click here

1GB DDR2 533 RAM £73 click here

Bottom line graphics card capable of playing modern games well £109 click here

300GB SATA hard drive £62 click here

19" TFT monitor £143 click here

Case with adequate psu £55 click here

DVD/CD writer £23 click here

Decent keyboard/mouse £30 click here

That lot comes in at £675 and doesn't include things like a floppy drive or any software (like Windows for example)

It's an Idea of the cheapest,lowest spec Core2 Duo rig you could build that still uses decent components where needed.

You could cut a few more corners that might get you a copy of XP Home oem for the £675 in my example.

If it was me I would be wanting to spend a couple of hundred pounds more in order to get more storage,more memory,an additional DVD ROM drive and maybe the next model up Core2 Duo cpu.

  Totally-braindead 22:47 30 Sep 2006

I too think you will be struggling with your budget. My PC is rather good and cost about your price range but I had to make some compromises ie no dual core - couldn't afford it at the time.

I have to point out as well that if you are looking for a complete system, and by this I mean you aren't using bits of your old computer you will find you are cheaper buying a prebuilt system rather than building it yourself.

Have a look at a barebones system such as this click here and see if you can come close. You will probably find that you would be better buying a complete system something like this click here but you do have to addon operating system and a monitor etc.

Good luck anyway.

  Jaro 01:24 01 Oct 2006


  PSF 09:56 01 Oct 2006

click here There are a few pre-built ones here one using the Core2 Duo E6400 for just under £700, Windows included.

Not the same as building your own but at that price very competitive. You cannot get the same discounts the large OEM builders get.

  dave726587 13:41 01 Oct 2006

thanks guys for the ideas i am now thinking about buying a dell system.

  dave726587 13:51 01 Oct 2006

is anyone in this forum using an intel core 2 cpu, if so can you tel me about the speed and performance please :-)

  dave726587 19:49 01 Oct 2006

Is this any good click here i am going to buy each part at a time so that i can save enough money to buy better parts.

  gudgulf 20:16 01 Oct 2006

If you are going to buy parts as and when funds are avalable I would start with the case/monitor/keyboaard/mouse/speakers etc.

Then the optical/hard drives and lastly the motherboard/cpu/memory and graphics.

The reason being that right now the Core2 Duo and intel 965 motherboards are new......if you buy those components last then there is a good chance that there will have been revisions to the cpu stepping and motherboard BIOS to improve performance.Similarly faster memory should be available at a more reasonable cost too.

Over time the prices will drop......there is always a premium on the latest technology.

Graphics cards are advancing so fast that it will pay to wait a bit and go for a DirectX10 card.

In short, buy the things that are least likely to improve rapidly over the time period you want to buy the parts over first.

Buy the core electronics last.

  dave726587 20:20 01 Oct 2006

hi thanks for the reply, arnt the new dx10 gfix cards only for windows vista. I will upgrade to vista eventually.

  terryf 21:26 01 Oct 2006

click here for £422 dual core

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