Building a PC - HDD Problem

  Strangely Brown 16:30 09 Jan 2004

Hello all,

I'm currently building a PC for the first time and all has gone rather swimmingly until the Mobo attempts to detect the HDD.

I have the config as follows:-

Primary IDE Master : DVD/CD Rom Drive
Primary IDE Slave : None

Secondary IDE Master : Should be the HDD
Secondary IDE Slave : None

The drive is getting power but appears to be attempting to start up and then repeatedly clicks/grinds.

The mobo does not detect it but spends some time trying to.

Could the following be the problem:-

1) If the cabling is the wrong way could this problem be caused.

2) HD Drives don't have any kind of restraining screw etc do they?

3) Should I include the IDD on the primary channel?

Hope you can help.

I will look in again in a few hours to check for responses. Please don't feel miffed if I don't reply immediately.

  Djohn 16:38 09 Jan 2004

The hard drive should be the primary master and your CD drive, primary slave. Your post suggest it's the other way round unless I have misread. J.

  leo49 16:50 09 Jan 2004

"HD Drives don't have any kind of restraining screw etc do they?"

Usually,Yes. Either directly to the HDD cage via the screw holes on both sides of the HDD[taking care not to use screws that are too long to avoid damaging the HDD].Or as in my case sliders screw to the HDD and then the whole caboodle is slipped into retaining slots in the HDD cage.

  alcudia 16:55 09 Jan 2004

I don't think you've misread. They are the wrong way round. And it sounds like the hard drive's floating free. Probably wandering all over the place with the vibration.

  Rennaissance 17:02 09 Jan 2004

check the jumpers on your harddrive are set to master and then put it on primary ide. Then put your cd rom drive set as master and then put it on secondary ide. Keeping them apart is best.

  R4 17:07 09 Jan 2004

This is the noremal way to connrct the IDE Drives

Primary IDE Master : HDD

Primary IDE Slave : None

Secondary IDE Master : DVD/CD Rom Drive

Secondary IDE Slave : None

Both HDD and DVD/cd units should have 4 small screws to hold them onto the system case.

  R4 17:09 09 Jan 2004

Set your Bios 1st page to Auto Detect on each primary. This should allow the bios to recognise your Drives.

  Djohn 17:09 09 Jan 2004

Rennaissance, yep, I agree it better to have them on separate Chanel's, but I was just giving a Guide as to how he may have set them up wrong at the moment.

  Rennaissance 17:17 09 Jan 2004

k djohn i wasn't referring to your post :P just sayng it in general.

  Strangely Brown 21:21 09 Jan 2004

When I mentioned restraining screws I was actually referring to something that might have been in place while the drive was in transit as such and needed to be removed prior to installation. I didn't think that there was anything but I thought I'd check. Thanks for being civil regardless of the misunderstanding!!

I've tried all combinations and several cables to no avail. The DVD Rom is being detected with no problem but not the HDD.

As a test, I powered up with no IDE cable plugged into the HDD. The drive appears to attempt to 'spin up' and then it seems the 'brakes' as slammed on. It keeps repeating this over and over while the power is on.

I have come to the conclusion that the HDD is well and truly DOA.

I shall purchase an alternative one tomorrow and let you know how I get on.

  woodchip 21:28 09 Jan 2004

Remove all the drive ribbons except the Hard Drive and Floppy and try booting. Have you run Auto Detect in the BIOS

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