Building a PC - graphics card?

  Marky_Bhoy 00:14 14 Feb 2004

I am building a PC that will be part of my network.

I do not need a keyboard or monitor because it will be operated via window's remote desktop.

So the questiom is - do I need a graphics card?

I suppose I will need a graphics card to set the PC up in the first place - but I have some cheap cards lying around for this purpose.

  hugh-265156 00:33 14 Feb 2004

as far as i know(and its not a lot) you need a keyboard connected to boot a computer,after that you can remove it.

dont know if a computer will boot without a graphics card either.if you have an old one lying about then use it.

um... i think

  JIM 00:46 14 Feb 2004

had to look it up but if wrong, nothing lost.

RDP uses its own video driver to render display output by constructing the rendering information into network packets using RDP protocol and sending them over the network to the client.

On the client, RDP receives rendering data and interprets the packets into corresponding Microsoft Win32® graphics device interface API calls. For the input path, client mouse and keyboard events are redirected from the client to the server. On the server, RDP uses its own virtual keyboard and mouse driver to receive these keyboard and mouse events.

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