Building a PC for the first time

  duncan_pereira 19:13 21 Aug 2010

I'm planning on building my first desktop and have out together a list of parts for it. The parts are supposed to be compatible yet I require a second opinion. The parts I'm using are as follows and i've added the links aswell :

1- Gigabyte GA-MA790X-UD3P Motherboard
click here

2.AMD Phenom II X4 965 3.40 Ghz 8MB Cache Quad-core Processor - Black Edition
click here

3.XFX/ATI Radeon HD 5750 512MB PCI-E 2.0
click here

4.OEM Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Xtreme Music - Sound card - 24-bit
click here

5.WD Caviar Blue WD3200AAKS - Hard drive - 320 GB - internal - 3.5" - SATA-300 - 7200 rpm -
click here

6. 2x2gb +2x1gb ram ddr2 (not sure if i need SIMM or DIMM)

7.Akasa AK-860CP CPU cooler
click here

8.Sweex LW312 Wireless Lan PCI Card 300 Mbps
click here

9.Samsung Black DVD-+RW SH-S202J/BEBN Dual Layer 8.5GB Optical Drive
click here

I have not chosen a case or psu so if anyone can suggest good something for around 70 pounds it would be great. I am also open to suggestions on other products which may be better quality for the price.

N.B I plan on using Windows 7 Premium 64-bit and I am not planning on changing the hardwares default settings. Aswell as this, it would be great if someone could give me a guide on how i should build it; i really am a beginner here.

  gengiscant 09:43 22 Aug 2010

You might like to have a look here first. click here

I have been a builder for some years, it was considered a cheaper way of getting a decent PC without the bundled garbage software,plus you had the components you wanted, it probably is not any cheaper than a shop bought one now.I still get a kick out of doing it. Putting your components together and pressing the power on button for the first time can be very frustrating at times when things don't quite go as planned. But hey go for it.

Having quick look at your components, a sound card is probably an unnecessary item as most motherboard the on-board sound is fine.

I conceder the power supply unit to be one of the most important components which you have not listed.
Here is a list with some reccomended PSU's click here
There are course many others,this is just a start.

Some of your compononents can be had a bit cheaper.
CPU click here
Mobo click here
GPU click here
Hard drive click here 500GB
COOLER click here

Have a look here for compatible Ram for your Mobo. click here

This as I said is just a quick look. No doubt others will come in amd help.

For a case, you should be looking for at least tooless, saves a lot of bother fitting optical drive,PCI cards etc.
Good ventilation is also a must, so a couple of 120mm fans.
Have a look at Coolermaster, Antec, Xigmatek,fractual again there are many otheres.

  Terry Brown 09:22 23 Aug 2010

I do not want to put a damper on it, but as you appear to have no or very little experience with building a computer system, you may find that it not always as easy as other people say it is.

Have you worked out the cost of all the components and compared it to a ready built base unit ( Some come with DVD /CD some do not), as this may be a better option.

This will give you an idea of prices click here or you can try Micromart, Novatech or any of the other suppliers available

If want to go ahead, I suggest you remove the battery from the motherboard, before you install it in the case, as if you are not very careful (with the battery in), it is possible to short out the motherboard.

  duncan_pereira 20:15 23 Aug 2010

I realize its harder then it sounds but I already have 5 years experience in computer hardware. I'm more than familiar with installing ram, pci cards, fans and hard drives. My only worry is the processor. and i've worked out the build will cost around 450 pounds.(No monitor or keyboard) I've essentially got free software as i purchase multiuser items. I've compared it with a similar priced dell model and the specs are as follows. )

Mine: Amd Phenom II x 4 935 Black Edition 3.4ghz
Dells: AMD Athlon™ II X4 630 2.8ghz

Mine: ATI Radeon HD 5750
Dells:ATI Radeon HD4200

Mine:8gb ram
Dells: 4gb ram

Mine: 500gb HDD
Dells: 750gb HDD

Mine: 7200rpm Dvd-r/Cd-r -+ Optical Drive
Dells: More or less the same

Mine: Creative Sound Blaster X-fi Music
It doesnt say what sound card it uses but im guessing it uses the motherboards on board sound

Ive changed the specifications listed above after looking at the sites posted by gengiscant

Another major plus is the fact i wont have all the annoying software that microsoft pile onto windows 7 home premium. Thanks for the heads up with the motherboard anyway

  AL47 00:33 24 Aug 2010

i ahd never built one myself but i found that my build wasnt to bad, just take your time, the only real tricky part is adding the cpu heatsink and paste!!

go for it, my build was with £1000+ equipment and i did it fine

my cae was 70 i think .. haf 922, but it is big!

do you really need the x-fi?

  AL47 00:38 24 Aug 2010

my case is ow £80 from ebuyer.. but its a love or hate case.. i like the industrial look.. good cooling

  duncan_pereira 09:57 24 Aug 2010

Im pretty intent on getting the x-fi as im pretty sure Gigabyte's onboard sound wont support 5.1 surround sound which i need for my speakers to work properly otherwise they hum loudly and start to crackle.

Anybody know where i can get reasonably priced motherboards with the cpu attached? Anything which is amd quad core will do

  gaucho. 10:04 24 Aug 2010

click here

Fitting a cpu, heatsink and fan to a modern motherboard is a simple task. click here

fit the memory at the same time.

  gengiscant 13:15 24 Aug 2010

Why on earth would you want the CPU attatched.
Contary to what others have posted,fitting the CPU and heatsink is a simple process these day.
It used to be a bit of a pain when the retaining clips were spring loaded.
Nowadays its just a matter of turning 4 lugs after fitting the heatsink retaining frame. It was on mine.
I used this as my CPU cooler click here and an absolute breeze to fit.

  Coltch 15:53 25 Aug 2010

"Another major plus is the fact i wont have all the annoying software that microsoft pile onto windows 7 home premium."

It's not Microsoft who pile the software on it's the system builder (Dell,HP Etc), my Windows 7 install has no cr*pware on it.

  wee eddie 16:14 25 Aug 2010

brings down the price of your PC. They get paid for putting it on there.

Don't knock it too hard.

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