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  ribo 15:52 10 May 2003

Hello, I am building a PC or trying to.
Can anyone tell me please which is the best set up re master and slve drives. I have a HDD as Master and then I have a cd-dvd and a CD rw.which one of these should be the master and which the slave.
Also,I cannot seem to get the ribbon cable,when it is attached at one end, to reach the other device. Does the connector move? I tried,but it did not move,so did not want to put too much pressure on it. Please forgive my ignorance, I have never attaempted anything like this before. (must be mad) Thanks J

  zanwalk 16:04 10 May 2003

Normally, it is recommended to put HD on IDE1 and CDRW as master on IDE2, with the DVD being slave on IDE2. As to cables, if yours is not long enough, longer ones are available either at your local computer shop or at a computer fair or even online, should be no more than a fiver.

i would suggest you do more research before playing arond inside the box. make sure you protect your machine from esd. you will probably need a longer cable but are you sure you have the right cable? its best to put the cd and dvd onthe secondary IDE channel it shouldnt matter too much which one is master and which one iis slave. so long as your hard drive is the primary master. but then if you have an ATA66 or higherdrive you need an 80 conductor cable and the drive must be set to cable select.

if this seems like an attempt to baffle you with bulldust my advice is to do a lot more reading before you proceed, computers are physically very simple inside but the potential is there to make some very expensive mistakes very easily.

  BrianW 16:16 10 May 2003

If you haven't already read them, you may well enjoy (and benefit from) reading the PCA articles on building your own PC. As you will be finding, the process is not difficult but you do need to make sure that you have plenty of space, good anti-static protection and a clearly defined plan of action before you start. Have fun and come back to the forum for help with those, almost inevitable, start up problems. Regarding your specific query, rayburn has put you on the right path.

  Legolas 16:19 10 May 2003

I agree with what has been said already and just to add my bit. If you go to your local computer fair you will be able to pick up an IDE ribbon cable for a couple of quid but make sure it has three connectors on it one at each end and one somewhere along the length. To answer your question 'no' you cannot move the connections on the m/b the pins are fixed in that position.

  ribo 17:01 10 May 2003

Thank you very much for your replies. I have the PCA article on building,also I downloaded a load of pages from I think you may have misunderstood me. The ribbon cable is long enough it is just that when one end is connected to the HDD, the connector on the length will not reach the CD Rom drive. But as,Rayburn says if I connect the CD Rom and the CD DVD on the same IDE(2) then it will reach. Thanks a lot,I can get on now.

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