building pc

  Tree3 21:34 03 Nov 2004

hello, i need some websites which give information for a new computer user about the different things that are needed to build a computer. this would be helpful

  howard60 21:38 03 Nov 2004

type new pc into this sites search we have advised a lot of people.

  Tree3 21:49 03 Nov 2004

ok, just wondering i need a bit of information for some research i am doing

  woodchip 21:50 03 Nov 2004
  spuds 22:02 03 Nov 2004
  rupie 23:00 03 Nov 2004

The PC I am using is the first one I have built. It is very satisfying !!. I looked into lots of componant info and got very confused. In the end I bought the best motherboard I could and then built on that. The motherboard is the most important part This insured I bought the correct bits for it and what the future upgrades would be. And now it works and is really fast and I am dead chuffed !!

  ollie < one> 04:12 04 Nov 2004


  Tree3 19:21 08 Nov 2004

still need some info on the different components. what their function is and what they are used for etc etc

  woodchip 19:26 08 Nov 2004

Graphics card puts the Video on the Monitor, CPU central Procesing Unit, You cannot do anything without it. also Memory so a Program can Work. that will do for now

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