Building own pc

  ellie82 10:16 23 Jul 2008


I am going to build my own PC. Any advice on good websites for processors and mother boards?

Also OS software.

I have an old PC that has a licence for XP, is there a way that this can be transferred to the new pc? i.e can i just use and xp disc and that licence code aslong as it isnt used on the other pc? i.e the drive wiped?


  citadel 10:26 23 Jul 2008

I get my stuff from very reliable delivery date + you can pick a day of your choice for delivery.
If you have a full retail copy of xp you can use that, if you only have a oem version you need to get a new copy of xp or vista. I would always get a new hard drive as drives wear out. + hard drives have improved in the last few years and are now faster.

  wotbus@ 10:40 23 Jul 2008

Try to install your OEM version of XP first!
I have rebuilt PC's a few time with my original version (XP SP1), and it only required the telephone call to MS once to validate - the other times everything went as normal.
There's loads of advice on how to build your own on the net, just search "how to build your own computer" without the quotes.
More your read about CPU's and MOBO's, more confusing it will become due to needs, personal preferences and of course - cost.
Maybe the most difficult will be determining just exactly what you want your new PC for, then sticking to your project, as it's so easy to get caught up in the numbers game ;-)

  nosharpe 12:14 23 Jul 2008

I recently built a new PC for myself and simply loaded my XP cd onto my new HDD.
Registering online with Microsoft was no problem.

There are a host of PC component retailers out there - eBuyer, DABS, Overclockers, Scan, and more

  NewestRoyWidd1 13:29 23 Jul 2008

I've just installed a new mobo and loaded my XP onto it without problem,you just need the product key to register with MS over the phone on an 0800 number.

  carmichy 14:34 23 Jul 2008

Am I correct in saying you do not purchase the OS You only buy the license to use it ?

  Pamy 14:45 23 Jul 2008

carmichy, yes that applies to all Microsoft operating systems

  ellie82 15:04 23 Jul 2008

so if all you need is the licence then, where do you get the disc from?


  citadel 17:29 23 Jul 2008

according to microsoft a oem disc is only for the pc it is originally installed. if you build a new pc you need another oem disc. you get a new disc from retailers software section. the new disc has the new licence code number with it.

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