Building own computer

  rossgolf 16:54 09 Jan 2008

i need some advice from people who have built there own computers.
can you giv me an estimate on what it would cost to build a dual core 2 basic computer decent graphics, no hdd(ive already got one)motherboard, etc ,etc

only a decent one not a gaming or business one if you no what i mean

  rincewind11 17:12 09 Jan 2008

i suggest make alist of parts you need , motherboard, ram,graphics card,processor monitor keyboard ,mouse,dvd drive psu,and case ect then look at sites such as or dell etc and get a quote from selecting your components

  project 90 17:25 09 Jan 2008

rossgolf are you wanting to build the pc entirley from scratch?, like the bare case and put all the components in your self?
or is a case of goin to the likes of a manufacturer and just picking the spec that decent?
as i wold of thought that if it not really for gaming buying from the manufacture would of been the cheapest way to buy it.
if your wanting to build it completely from scratch tho your best bet is as rince says make a list of all the components you will need and compare prices from various web sites such as overclockers and ebuyer.
i wouldnt even like to try hazard a guess to the price there that many different options you can have things like a £50 case to a £150 case.

you could possibaly set your self a target say like £800 and try get the parts to total to that amount?

hope this bit ramble helps you out

  citadel 17:38 09 Jan 2008

to get started
asus p5kse ip35 £58
core2 duo e4500 £76
2g ddr2 6400 £37
8400gs silent graphics card £28
I would get a new hard drive and don't forget you will need a oem os xp or vista + case.

  Quiller. 18:02 09 Jan 2008

£125 for click here add a graphics card. £35 click here use your old hard drive with O\S and cdrom.


  Quiller. 18:05 09 Jan 2008

Or a Intel Core 2 Duo E6550 for £222 + graphics card. click here

  rossgolf 20:27 09 Jan 2008

cheers for replies
i will use my old hdd as it has os on it and yes im going from scratch ie. motherboard, graphics, soundcard, ram, fans,,,

  Ashrich 22:09 09 Jan 2008

The OS on the old hard drive will not do , it has all the drivers and settings for the old PC , and may not be able to register with Microsoft anyway if it is an OEM copy . The new motherboard won't be correctly recognised and nor will any of the other new components , it may partially install , but you'll have problems . Better to get a fresh copy of the OS you wish to install and really start from scratch , and download all the latest drivers for the new components before you commence building the new machine , it'll save a lot of heartache and bother afterwards .


  Alan-Petrie 22:34 09 Jan 2008

go to

assuming you can keep the dvd drive, and hdd you have that would be a good setup

Intel Core 2 Duo E6550
256MB MSI 8600GT Overclocked
2GB (2x1GB) Corsair TwinX XMS2
XFX MB-N650-IUL9 NF650i Ultra
580W HiperPower HPU-4M580 Black
Vista Home Premium oem

TOTAL £379.88

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