Building new PC - using old parts

  reddwarfcrew 18:42 11 Mar 2005

I'm thinking about building a new PC (new case, mobo, processor), but utilising a lot of my current components (ie DVD drive, sound card etc).

I know that dependant on the mobo I may need to get a new graphics card if its PCI Express and maybe RAM, but what about my hard drives.

They are all ATA, but new mobo's seem to be SATA. Is this backwards compatable at all, or will I have to use a PCI card to be be able to re-use my ATA hard drives.


  dan11 18:52 11 Mar 2005

Your new motherboard WILL have IDE connectors to take your ATA drives. ;-)

  961 18:55 11 Mar 2005

Since hard drives are essentially mechanical devices subject to eventual failure and much reduced in price these days can I suggest that it is well worth buying new

  reddwarfcrew 18:59 11 Mar 2005

I'm sure I will get SATA in the future, but its a case of gradual upgrade to reduce the initial one off cost of replacing all in one go (or buying a complete system from evesham).

Forgot to ask, will PCI-E also take normal PCI cards (if not, then I need to find a mobo with the right number of normal PCI slots).

  dan11 19:07 11 Mar 2005

" Forgot to ask, will PCI-E also take normal PCI cards (if not, then I need to find a mobo with the right number of normal PCI slots). "


Take for instance this board. click here

See under storage controller. it takes ata133 ( yours ) and SATA raid.

Under expansion slots free:- 2 pci express (16) + 2 pci express + 3 bog standard pci.;-)

  FelixTCat 19:27 11 Mar 2005

You cannot fit a pci card in a pci-e slot but, as dan11 says, most new boards at the moment have both.

You may also be able to use your existing memory if you are really planning to strip your existing system, but do check first.

Whilst older parts will normally work in a newer system, they will not take advantages of many of the new features. For example, new boards have faster front-side buses (i.e. can run memory faster, but unless your memory can take advantage of this, you will not get the best value from the upgrade.

What you replace should depend on what you use your computer for. Some applications benefit much more from increased memory; some from faster processors. Some even work better on AMD processors and some on Intel.

We don't know what your present system is, or how you use it; you may even find that a relatively cheap upgrade to your present system gives a much better result for you than spending a lot of money on components that don't support your computing.

  reddwarfcrew 20:50 11 Mar 2005

Evesham 2yrs old
ASUS A7V8X mobo
Athlon 2400+ CPU
XP Home SP2
ALL-IN-WONDER ATI 9000 graphics card
Creative Audigy soundcard

Don't use the PC for games at all, but mainly for video and music editing and programming.

I presume my best upgrade is the CPU, which unfortunately means a new mobo.

  great1 21:06 11 Mar 2005

click here

try this link you might not need to change your mobo

  FelixTCat 21:50 11 Mar 2005

Your pc is pretty well specified for what you want to do. For video editing, the key requirements are memory and hard disk space. If you only have 1 hard disk, the best upgrade you could do is a second hard drive. Make a 2 GB partition on it and use it for the windows swap file (virtual memory) and the rest for your editing.

Personally, I would get something like a 160 GB hard disk and make 1 swap partition, 1 for raw data, 1 for music editing and 1 for video editing.

It looks as though you could upgrade to a 3000+ processor as well - please check that.

  reddwarfcrew 21:59 11 Mar 2005

I already have plenty of hard drive
2 x 120GB in PC.

Will look at the CPU upgrade.

Would I benefit from having 2x1GB of ram (haven't checked if mobo can support it).

  TomJerry 22:14 11 Mar 2005

CPU upgrade, you will not see a significant performance improvement unless you go the top end of current Intel CPU

You can get a siginificant performance increase by just spend £10.57. The trick is to get a Raid controller and configure your two HDDs in Raid 0, basically it spread disk working load across two HDD at the same time, so HDD's speed doubled (almost).

It is not difficult to do, I just done it and I am really impressed with performance improvement.

Here is the card: Ebuyer PCI ATA133 RAID Controller Card W/Cable - Retail Box £10.57 click here

Backup everything before trying anything and also down load the latest drive from Manufatcur web sites.

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