building new pc need help ~~~~~~

  GARAGELAD 11:22 28 Mar 2004

right im build my new p4 2.6g pc

i got the motherboard out and put it in the case then i started to put the parts in like cd rom,dvd,rom,sound card,graphic card but there a vga socket on the motherboard i then connect the leads to the parts and i put 256 ddr ram in the sockets and i connect the power supply unit to the motherboard and turned it on and the monitor screen does not work it come on with colour like a rainbow what have i done wrong please can one tell me step by step WHAT I HAVE TO DO ON BUILDING A NEW PC


  Smiler 11:27 28 Mar 2004

did you connect the monitor to the motherdboard or the graphics card. you need to disable onboard graphics before using a separate graphics acrd

Why are you using new posts keep to the same one otherwise we won't know what suggestions have been made previously and theres a 200 post limit at the moment so you're pushing threads off the list by reposting

  GARAGELAD 11:30 28 Mar 2004

right so i have to take the graphics card out of the motherboard and use the one on the motherbaord

  GARAGELAD 11:32 28 Mar 2004

when i move the lead for the monitor it comes up with dif/colours on my screen

  BIG ben strikes 10 11:37 28 Mar 2004

i would like to help other people on this forum the best i can.but i cant help anyone if you keep making new posts!.im sure the rest of the forum members feel the same!.why are you keep re-peating the same post.

  Smiler 11:38 28 Mar 2004

looks like the lead is faulty can you get hold of another lead to try it?

  GARAGELAD 11:39 28 Mar 2004

im not now this is the only one thats open m8
but i still need help

  Smiler 11:39 28 Mar 2004

tatally agree :-(

  GARAGELAD 11:40 28 Mar 2004

i think i need a new monitor screen

  GARAGELAD 11:44 28 Mar 2004

when u get a new motherboard have u got to do any think to it befor u boot it up

eg: like change some think

  BIG ben strikes 10 11:54 28 Mar 2004

ok.but remeber these guys/girls are super trained to help people you only need to post a thread once and you will get many replies....few minutes?..hour? ever theyll help you always helped me anyway.thanks.ben

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