Building new PC, how does this spec look?

  Ironman556 01:24 23 Jun 2003

Hi, this is my first build so I want to make sure I get it right. Please give any feedback you can.

Monitor: LG 1710B click here Local Retailer £340

Case: Enermax click here £50

PSU: 450W Levicom click here £58 (Are these noisy? Should I got for an Enermax instead?)

Motherboard: Asus A7N8X Deluxe click here Local Retailer £100

CPU: Athlon 2800XP retail probably from click here ~£130

CPU Cooler: Either: Zalman 5100Cu click here £36

Or: AeroCool Golden Crown Cooler click here £18

Graphics: Sapphire Radeon 9600 Pro 128MB click here £143

DVD Rom: Toshiba click here £31

CDRW: Black Plextor (Possibly from

Hard Drive: 60Gb Seagate

Have I forgotten anything? (Got keyboard/mouse and floppy already) Thanks. Ironman.

  hugh-265156 01:50 23 Jun 2003

looks tasty Ironman556,try and get the monitor for a bit less and spend the extra on a larger hd.

  jimv7 08:41 23 Jun 2003

Looks good, but I second huggyg71, but instead of a larger hard drive I would go for a second drive, then all your backups can go on the second disk, remembering to burn to cd for that extra security.

  Ironman556 09:33 23 Jun 2003

I have a second drive in my current computer, I was thinking that next time I format this I could swap it over. It's a 60GB Seagate @5400 RPM, which I put in at Christmas. Is it worth swapping or would I be better to put a faster one in?

I also forgot to mention RAM. The mainboard's dual DDR, so I'm after 2x 512MB PC 3200 modules. I'm told that I don't need to buy matched memory as long as I order 2 sticks at once so they're from the same batch. Would I be better to get branded and matched memory or would it not make a significant difference?

I've often seen Crucial on this forum as the way to go with memory, but what's the difference between their "64Meg x 64" and "64Meg x 72"?

Thanks, Ironman.

  Bodi 10:07 23 Jun 2003

One thing about Crucial is that you can type in the model of your motherboard and they will match the memory to it. Very useful, I find.


  Ironman556 18:50 23 Jun 2003


I tried to use the search on the crucial site before but it returned an error. Just done it again and it's cut out one of their PC3200 products, so that's resolved my questions on RAM.

It looks like I'll be getting a larger hard disk anyway, the smallest SATA Seagate I can find is the 80Gb at Aria for £88.

Does everything else look good?


  Bodi 22:08 23 Jun 2003

Looking through the specs - mmmmmmm (going very green) - only one thing tho', doesn't the retail version of the - CPU: Athlon 2800XP - come with its own heatsink and fan? - just wondered.


  DieSse 22:33 23 Jun 2003

Always get branded, or 1st grade RAM if you want minimum problems.

  DieSse 22:37 23 Jun 2003

Have a look at this about power supplies - especially noise. click here

  Ironman556 00:27 24 Jun 2003

Yes, it does come with the fan, but I've also been told (still need to check it out fully though) that the OEM doesn't come with the 3 year warranty that the retail does. I think it works out about £7 more, which I'd be happy to pay for the added warranty.

Also Aria are currently out of stock on the OEM and the price everywhere else for the OEM is near that for the retail at Aria.



Thanks for the info & link. I've decided to buy from Crucial, they are often reccommended here, and the next step up would be to pay very scary prices (£200+) for "Super RAM".

Reading the power supply link now :-)

(PS decided to go with the Zalman cooler)

  clayton 06:42 24 Jun 2003

AMD AthlonXP PR2800+ (RTL) Barton £138.24 Including VAT at 17.5%

click here
Corsair Platinum Series XMS3200 400MHz CL-2 256MB DDR 'Memory click here

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