Building a new PC - Any comments on my specs?

  Muckleface 17:29 08 Mar 2003

New PC Specification

Manaufacturer Product Version Price Inc VAT Notes

Microsoft MM Keyboard & Optical Mouse Wireless £42.00 £49.35 Black & Silver

? 17" TFT Monitor ? ? ? 1280x1024 75Hz 0.26 DotPitch Wall Mountable

Enermax PC Case Verre Midi 350W £42.00 £49.35 Includes Floresent Light

Enermax PSU 431W £50.00 £58.75 Dual fan, Variable speed controller

Arctic Arctic Silver III Compound N/A £6.00 £7.05 Heat conductor

Arianet Red/Blue LED 8cm Case Fan N/A £8.00 £9.40 Case supports 4 or 5 of these
Arianet Red/Blue LED 8cm Case Fan N/A £8.00 £9.40 Case supports 4 or 5 of these
Arianet Red/Blue LED 8cm Case Fan N/A £8.00 £9.40 Case supports 4 or 5 of these
Arianet Red/Blue LED 8cm Case Fan N/A £8.00 £9.40 Case supports 4 or 5 of these

MSI nForce 2 ATX Motherboard K7N2G-ILSR £96.25 £113.10 Athlon XP 2700+
DDR 266/333/400
AGP 3.0 8x (533Mhz)
MCP2-T Chipset
Ac97 Codec
Ultra ATA133 IDE
USB 2.0 (4 rear, 2 front)
Firewire (2 ports)
Audio Proccessor (Dolby Digital 5.1)
FSB 100/133/166(200/266/333)
3 184-pin DDR DIMM slots
Dual channel PC3200/2700/2100/1600 DDR
128-bit DDR SDRAM support
Maximum memory size 3Gb
5 PCI Slots (3.3v/5v)
ACR Slot
DMA 133/100/66 with PIO
Raid Controller (0 or 1)
6 Channel Realtek ALC650 Audio
10/100 Base-T (Fast) Ethernet
1 Serial Port, 1 VGA Port
1 Parallel Port
GeForce 4 MX440 Onboard

AMD AthlonXP 2700 [2.17GHZ 333] RET £189.00 £222.08 3 Year Warranty, Fan + Heat Sink

Corsair 512Mb DDR SDRAM XMS3200 £112.00 £131.60 400Mhz 6ns 2.5v !ECC
Corsair 512Mb DDR SDRAM XMS3200 £112.00 £131.60 400Mhz 6ns 2.5v !ECC

Western Digital 80GB Harddisk ATA100 7200RPM £68.00 £79.90 8mb cache, kicks ass!
Western Digital 80GB Harddisk ATA100 7200RPM £68.00 £79.90 8mb cache, kicks ass!

Sony DVD Recorder DVD +/- R/RW £213.00 £250.28 Supports CD-R/RW 8mb Cache
Read Speed 32x(CD)/8x(DVD)
Write Speed 24x(CD)/4x(DVD-R)/2.4x(DVD+R)
Rewrite Speed 10x(CD)/2x(DVD-RW)/2.4x

Any DVD-ROM ? ? ? ?

Arianet IDE ATA 100/133 Cable Rounded £5.00 £5.88 Allows better air flow

? Network Adapter ? ? ? ?
? Network Adapter ? ? ? ?

Optional Extras To Be Added Later

Manufacturer Product Version Price Inc VAT Notes

ATI All In Wonder Radeon 9700 Pro 128Mb £288.51 £338.99 TV-Tuner
ATI Radeon 9700 Pro 128MB £171.92 £202.00 TV-Out

Hauppauge TV Encoder WinTV PVR PCI £132.14 £155.27 TV / Video / Raido, 704x576 384x288

Creative Sound Card Audigy 2 Player £75.00 £88.13 6.1 THX Sound

Creative 6.1 Speakers Inspire 6700 £75.00 £88.13 Will work with 5.1 Soundcards and upmix to

  Muckleface 17:32 08 Mar 2003

That looked fine on a landscape document!

Think its still readable though!

The only things Im unsure about are the Tft, the second DVD player drive, and the networks cards (of which I need two).

Any comments/suggestions etc greatly appreiciated.


  t.long 17:48 08 Mar 2003

Cant see any real problems, just try and limit yourself to a few suppliers, I notice Aria in there, and if you want to stay legal dont forget Windows. I figure that for a basic DVD player - I take it so you can record from one drive directly to another - is all you need a none branded one shouldnt set you back more than £30. As for the TFT shop around a bit, just remeber they are different to CRT so refresh rates are completely different. That and good to see you takeing cooling seriously, I dont think you canhave to many - I have 9 in a system built around a 1.3gig K7. As for network adapters I dont think its to big a deal, if it makes you feel more happy go for a familiar name, Intel or Kingston. I guess that all that is left to say is good luck and have fun.

  freakbrothers 17:52 08 Mar 2003


Looks like you into PC cooling aswell.
Might I suggest something?

Price up all the fans, AS3 compound (compound or paste??), Heat sink for CPU etc, and find out the total.
Now, is that price quite high?
SOmething to consider-
Buying an intel CPU WILL RUN AT LOWER TEMPS without any mods. Lower temps to begin with, means less need for fans. Less need of fans means less noise pollution!
OK, i know Intel is more than AMD, but would all the fans and accessories cover the extra cost of choosing an intel board and CPU?
Just an idea. Intels are very OC'able aswell, due to such a lower operating temp.

Also, lots of fans also means more cabling and more power required from PSupply.

Ive had up to 3x120mm fans, 2x80mm fans, and the fans on the CPU heatsink and PS running at the same time. Makes quite a noise.
With fans Make sure the one you have chosen has a good CFM rating and a Low dB rating...

I started with my pc running at 50+C, with a PC temp of approx 39C
Now im on CPU 25Cm and a PC temp of 30C



  clayton 18:13 08 Mar 2003

Whats the difference between your mobo & this
click here

  Muckleface 18:16 08 Mar 2003

Not sure, a feind has given me the spec list, he "designed" it all etc, Im just buying the bits and building it :D


  Rayuk 18:17 08 Mar 2003

Just a note on the memory,they sell them as matched pairs now for the NForce2 boards
see click here
Also mention of this at click here
as previously there were a few problems.

  Rayuk 18:19 08 Mar 2003

PS.The Asus A7N8X Deluxe NForce2 board has dual network on board,I am using this board and the two onboard network with no problems.

  Muckleface 19:19 09 Mar 2003

FAO Clayton - My mobo has RAID support and is the newer version.

FAO Rayuk - Thanks for letting me know on the memory, but how can it be so cheap? I mean, its only £12 more than buying one singularly! (sp?)

Also, can anyone recommend a Dvd drive to me? Im getting the Sony DRU500 as reviewed in last month PCA, but I ant a second drive for direct Disc to Disc copying. I want one thats as fast as the Sony so that copying runs smoothly :s

Also, can anyone recommend som network cards because otherwise Im literally going to be buying the first I come across!



  Muckleface 19:38 09 Mar 2003

Oh, and also, the netowrk card that will go on my current PC, will it be internal or external?


  Rayuk 19:43 09 Mar 2003

Do not fully understand your reply re memory?
Do you mean the fact that you get 2 x 256Mb sticks instead of 1 x 512Mb for only £12 extra.

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