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  andywolve 09:56 01 Jun 2003


I am currently shopping around and have not confirmed the motherboard, but have got boundaries, such as an Athlon processor which I would like an 3200XP + proceesor to run, however the motherboard doesn't bother me, the case does.
Once I have chosen the motherboard, will a PC case suit my motherboard, ATX?
Thanks in advance

  Spencus 10:06 01 Jun 2003

Virtually all cases tower/desktop are atx compatible

  Spencus 10:09 01 Jun 2003

Should read All new cases

  andywolve 10:13 01 Jun 2003

What about the number of PCI slots/AGP/RAID, will i need to consider about them?

  cass27 11:56 01 Jun 2003

I have just built a pc and wish I had bought differently as far as the case goes. As already stated most cases take atx so yo need not worry about raid agp and pci slots. If the case takes the atx it will take these.

Areas I felt are important now are space to put in at least two fans. Does the case come with its own power supply? Useful as this cuts out putting in your own. How much power do you need?
330w usually covers todays needs. A case which is well aireated is a must as processors get hot.
Number of slots available at the front (i.e. are you going to need dvd cd re writer etc.)

I bought a case which had a removable tray which was more expensive but I thought it would give me more room to work. This turned out to be a waste of time as once I had started attatching wires I had to put the tray back in anyway.

Hope this is useful

  clayton 14:48 01 Jun 2003

As the athlon processor is going to be replaced very soon you would be better off buying an intel motherboard that supports the 800fsb
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or waiting till the new athlon processor comes out in september.

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  Rayuk 14:59 01 Jun 2003

More to the point is the power supply a cheap case will have a cheap power supply.
I disagree re removable tray this is a good idea,you can at least set everything up with plenty of space to work in,slide tray back in then connect the wires[cass27]have you built a pc without the tray??
New Athlon due out in Sept.???maybe.
3 months away a long time in pc terms.

  andywolve 21:36 03 Jun 2003

Thanks everyone, but i think i'll sticj to Athlon, and I will look harder.
Thanks for removing my panic over cases, any more help is welcomed.

  goonerbill 21:55 03 Jun 2003

on the case front, go for a tower that is around 16-18 inches high (lots of room) and no psu and then get a good psu of atleast 400watts.

  frankie 22:05 03 Jun 2003

cheap 550watt psu,s now.check ebuyer.or on ebay for new.good luck

  BillEmm 22:17 03 Jun 2003

Andy, I have just built a new XP 3000+ Barton based system and would suggest that 'noise' is also a significant factor. These latest, fast processors and their supporting parts are heat generators and require efficient and effective cooling systems.

To this end a good case is important - one that has plenty of fans and quiet ones at that. A quiet PSU is also recommended. Better to buy a case without a PSU and find one that suits your own needs. A suggestion of 330 watts I have read here, but I would respectfully say that this is too low for the more powerful system - nothing less than 400watts and 450 would be better.

CPU cooling is very important and quality and silence is again the watch words.

I know all this is cost but if it can be afforded then it'll prove to be worth it.

For cases look at Coolermaster and Lian Li. Antec Truepower PSUs are good and quiet.

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