building new pc

  chrisbather 17:13 01 Dec 2006

Not now :( but in 3 weeks time. (monday 25th december to be particular) but obviously i want to make sure i know EVERYTHING now to avoid disappointment!

This is only my second time at building a pc, my current one i put together 4 yrs ago so i am reading all the manuals on my new bits to ensure i have everything covered, except....

will i need to reformat my hardrive when i have fitted it into my new pc?? I have a new mobo, cpu, graphics card and tower, but transfering my optical drives, floppy and hard drive. Ideally i wouldnt like to reformat because that will mean a long time backing things up first but i may not have a choice???


  Diodorus Siculus 17:32 01 Dec 2006

You will have to at least do a new install of your OS - why not get a new hard drive and use this one as a slave drive?

  Diodorus Siculus 17:33 01 Dec 2006

By the way, why do it on Dec 25th?

  GaT7 17:33 01 Dec 2006

"will i need to reformat my hardrive when i have fitted it into my new pc??" - yes, & you'll need to reactivate Windows (if XP & above). G

  Diemmess 17:36 01 Dec 2006

The hardware shouldn't give you any problems but the software, ie the OS will almost certainly not like its new environment.

Almost certainly the motherboard drivers will be different and clash with the way Windows is already integrated with the old mobo.

Not certain doom, but do prepare to have to reinstall everything from scratch.

A sensible precaution might be to ask Santa for a new HD and use the old one for data, backups, and soforth.

  chrisbather 19:04 01 Dec 2006

yeah but thats more cost. santa has already bought everything else. I will have to see if i can spare 50 quid and get 250gb sata hard drive. my current hard drive isnt sata, wud that be ok as slave to a sata harddrive??

  chrisbather 19:07 01 Dec 2006

sorry also then if i were to buy an new hardrive and have current one as slave, could i get away with loaded OS onto new hardive and just accessing all my stuff from the old hard dirve without formating that one??


  chrisbather 19:09 01 Dec 2006

just noticed all the typo's, really need to slow down with typing. my hands get carried away :¬

  Diodorus Siculus 19:14 01 Dec 2006

You can access data that is on the old disk if you install it as slave; you will however need to install programs again onto the new disk after installing the OS.

  terryf 19:26 01 Dec 2006
  gudgulf 19:52 01 Dec 2006

And have a good read through this click here

Very clear instructions on haow to prepare Windows to accept a new motherboard etc without a reformat/clean install.

Try that first.......if not successful,a repair installation is the next step.If all else fails then reformat.

By far the best option ,however, is the reformat as it gives you a complete fresh start rather than transfer any existing bloat,clutter and problems across to the new components.But I can see why that's the option no-one really wants to do!

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