Building a new gaming computer... A little help?

  Bubzor 18:23 02 Jan 2009

Hi. I've got some money to spend on a new computer and I have a spec in mind. I already have a Q6600 that I'm gonna use and with new cooling I'm going to hopefully overclock (To about 3.0-3.2ghz if possible). I also have a hard drive and a Dual Layer DVD drive already. The spec is below:

[url=click here-(x16)-DDR2-533-667-800-SATA-II-SATA-RAID-ATX]Motherboard: Abit Fatality FP-IN9[/url]
[url=click here|65%3A2|39%3A1|240%3A1318]Graphics Card: XFX GTX260 Black Edition (216 cores)[/url]
[url=click here]PSU: Xilence 600w[/url]
[url=click here-(2x1GB)-Corsair-TwinX-DDR2-XMS2-PC2-8500-(1066)-240-Pin-Non-ECC-Unbuffered-CAS-7-7-7-20 - 36.63]Memory: Corsair 2x1gb PC2-8500[/url]
[url=click here]Keyboard: Saitek Eclipse II[/url]
[url=click here]Mouse: Logitech G9[/url]

I have never built a computer before so I'm not really sure what's missing. One problem with my current computer is the noise it makes. I want a case that can keep that noise on the inside so it's basically silent. Can anyone recommend a case like that (for £50 or under if possible)?

Also, my friend who has an E8400 told me he bought a fan which wasn't any more than £30 (can't remembert the specific numbers) which cooled his processor enough for him to massively overclock it. Does anyone have a similar fan they could suggest for a similar price? Thanks!

  3gboosterman 01:43 03 Jan 2009


Just a few things to help you keep in mind when building your gaming PC.

Make sure that your motherboard supports your 1066 ram.

Have you got a big enough PC Case to house your graphics cards? some cards can be long and with a small case, you may have problems.

Its worth it to spend £70 on a nice big aluminium finished case designed with good airflow and organised interior wiring and layout.

Check out a nice CPU copper/aluminium heatsink with fan if you have not got one.
When you get one, choose one that is easy to clip onto your CPU and remember is there enough space to accommodate it?

Is your PSU enough? if you run a pair of graphics cards in SLI, you may need at least a 1000W PSU.

Good Luck!


  3gboosterman 02:15 03 Jan 2009

Oh, I reccommend the Gigabyte PC Cases as they are really good looking and does the job nicely. Check them out.
I use one and it houses my big PSU, A Pair of big XFX Graphics Cards in SLI and a really big Scythe/Mugen Copper/Aluminium heatsink with a dockoff sized fan with plenty of room for air circulation etc....!

  Bubzor 12:50 03 Jan 2009

Can anyone let me know what would be an appropriate case to house a xilence 600w PSU and an XFX GTX260 Black Edition? I also need a good fan suggesting for my CPU so any help there would be appreciated. Thanks!

  retep888 13:39 03 Jan 2009

Case click here

Cooling Fan click here

click here (I used this one myself)

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