Building new computor.

  prince midas 12:13 08 Dec 2005

My son is going to build me a new computer but before doing so I wish to ask you guys a couple of questions.First is a 3600 athlone twice as fast as a 1800.Or is it say only a percentage faster for example say 10% faster.My second question is because I want two removable drives which I wish to interchange say every month and keep one in a secure place such as a safe so my son suggests I use a caddie on each. My question is that if I use the Ghost copy facility can I copy the first drive to the second drive using ghost copy and get an exact copy that I can then interchange from drive 1 to 2 and then vice versa 2 to 1 each month so I have a spare in case I get burgled etc.

  PaulB2005 12:16 08 Dec 2005

Question 1. Not sure - i'll be back or someone else will know. I suspect it's a % because the whole architecture of the CPU changed between a Athlon XP (which the 1800 probably is) and an Athlon 64 (which the 3600 probably is - not that i've seen a 3600...)

Question 2. Yes if you Clone the drive.

  prince midas 13:02 08 Dec 2005

I have been looking at my Ghost menu and it particulary states that you can only Clone a fixed drive. Would you class a caddie with a removable drive as being fixed?

  PaulB2005 13:06 08 Dec 2005

Yes. It doesn't mean fixed in the physical sense. The word fixed is used to differentiate against removable drivers like ZIP, Jaz, CD-ROM etc

  PaulB2005 13:09 08 Dec 2005

removable drivers = removable drives

ie the recordable media is fixed inside like a hard drive as opposed to a removable disk like a floppy, CD, DVD etc

  prince midas 13:36 08 Dec 2005

Thanks PaulB so I am okay to use Ghost Clone. Hope someone can explain the difference in speeds on hard drives as I notice to go from a 64 bit Athlone 3500 to a 4200 is 200 hundred pound and just how much faster is it for the money.

  PaulB2005 13:39 08 Dec 2005

3500 and 4200 are not hard drive speeds but processor (CPU) speeds.

A 3500 and a 4200 will be difficult to compare as the 4200 is also a dual core and the 3500 isn't. Bit like trying to compare two cars - a 1.6 and a 2.0 litre Turbo. The Turbo adds even more power as does the fact the 4200 is Dual Core.

If you can afford the 4200 go for it. More future proof as it where..

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