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  l953 20:07 03 Mar 2011

i am looking for some advice on building my own website. the site will be about vintage farming so it is quite a neich market. i am a comlete novice with no knowlage of anything web related other than surfing for myself and ebay. i have been looking for information on the internet but there is so much conflicting info i just dont know what im looking at. the idea of the venture is to give people a comprahensive database of information about the subject posibly incorperate a fourum and eventualy earn some sort of income by way of an affiliate program and an amazon bookshop and any other sources you guys suggest. obviously all this is going to take up alot of webspace and alot of time to construct. where im from there is no work for unqualified people. im 19, i left school at 14 and am just looking for a way to create an income via a subject i enjoy and have alot of knowlage about.
any help much apriciated guys. im gonna need alot of help on this one

  Forum Editor 23:35 03 Mar 2011

You certainly are. If you have no previous experience of developing a website with a database and forum you are about to hit a massive learning curve.

Start by registering a suitable domain name, and having it hosted somewhere. There are hundreds of domain hosting companies out there, and at 19 years of age I'm guessing money may be tight, so shop around before taking the plunge.

If you're really serious about this we'll provide you with plenty of advice and encouragement, but be warned - you are in for a great deal of hard and sometimes frustrating work. If you really know your subject in depth you are off on the right foot, but don't anticipate earning anything at all from your project until you are getting a considerable volume of traffic on the site.

Register a domain name, and come back for advice on the next steps.

  varindia 13:12 15 Oct 2011

Its great that you have a depth knowledge in which you want your business. I would suggest you to use some CMS(Content Management System) like Wordpress, Joomla or Magento that will be easier for you to administration. For those webmasters who want to admin their own site and having less technical knowledge can go for CMS. It needs domain registration and buy space. Install CMS customize as par your requirement if you have some technical knowledge(html,css, php etc) or get it done through some professionals(or farms).

  Graham* 15:54 12 Nov 2011

Have a practice with Blogger">">Blogger

See mine This will replace my existing when Microsoft pull the plug in February. I will then point the domain name at the Blogger site.

  Graham* 15:57 12 Nov 2011

Try that again Blogger

  vikki210 12:12 30 Nov 2011

Hi guys, I'm in a similar situation and plan to start my own business selling jewellary online but: - you metion it's good to get a domain name first, can you recommend any places to buy a domain name? There's a lot of conflicting info out there but would be grateful for personal recommendations. I haven't decided a name for the busines yet but once I have I'll make a domain? - where I get my domain name registered, should I use the same place to host my site? - anyone experied cloud hosting? - as I plan to sell stuff and will need a paypal or alternative secure and reputable payment thing added at somepoint.

Sorry for too many questions but I appreicate your assistance in advance!

  adumapul 09:16 18 Jan 2012

It will be better if you use wordpress or joomla as a content management system.

  BBW 11:16 16 Mar 2012

I started by buying the book: 'Complete IDIOT's guide to Creating a Web Page' This wil give you a background to what is under the 'Page' you will be building.

  rubyrubyruby 02:19 03 May 2012

You can start by learning html5 / css at the same time. html5 just has some extra tags than previous versions, don't let it confuse you. then you can move onto javascript and its frameworks, and eventually server side programming like .net , php , ruby on rails, etc

not that you need to know them all. but html is a must.

  Forum Editor 22:53 03 May 2012

"not that you need to know them all. but html is a must."

No it's not - you can build a perfectly good website without having any knowledge of html at all.

  adrianfo 00:14 06 May 2012

Hi Can i just add, think properly about a domain name, keep it simple. Try and be informative as well. Imagine telling someone your website name, something simple like "what's your site called," the customer asks, "" you tell him, "is that with numbers or spelled out" he asks, "numbers" you say, "oh but it's hyphonated as well" you add, "it's what" he asks "hyphonated" you reply, "you know, a little dash between the numbers"cough, "okay, so that's 1 dash 2 dash" he asks "yup, easy init" you say.......... Have fun

Regards Adrian

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