Building my own simple website - advice please

  Havent-a-clue 15:54 15 Sep 2010


I am looking for advice on building my own website. Having read through some of the threads, I appreciate that this is a common subject but in order to get the best out of any answers, I thought it best to start a new thread.

The website will be for my family tree research, I am just looking for a simple set up with some text & a few pictures on each page & not much else, at least for now.

I notice that there are some programms for building a site, but being a total novice, its all very foreign to me & a lot of work for such a simple end result.

Would I be better off using a web hoster??
I have spoken to a few on the phone & it all seems quite cheap & simple, but is it??

Any help & advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, Simon.

  Chris the Ancient 17:34 15 Sep 2010


First thing is the actual design. Do it all on bits of paper first so that you know what you actually want on the site.

When it comes to actually starting to build, my principle advice would be to stay away from MS Front Page! It has too many added, unnecessary and unwanted features. I have heard, through here, that the Serif website builder is quite good?

A lot of website hosters rely on designing sites for people - it makes income. Like any trade, there are the good and the bad. The safest was with hosters is to have a friend that can give personal advice based on practical experience.

Hopefully, that's a starting point for you.


  Proclaimer 09:21 16 Sep 2010

I would Use Storm Internet click here as my Host; Their 'Windows ASP Essentials' Hosting package is great at £24.99 per year.
Their help to customers that know nothing about hosting is simply fantastic. I know that because I knew nothing when I started my first website and they answered all my questions, sometimes more than three times in order to help me. Check their Testimonials page click here

For the website software, I would recommend Serif Webplus x2. It has some nice templates and is as easy as MS Office Word to use. It is WYSIWYG ( What You See Is What You Get). So if you want to put a box of text and some photos on the page you do just that. No HTML or JAVA code to learn, it is easy to use. Then when you upload your design to the server it will look just the same as it did when you designed it on the PC.

  Proclaimer 09:23 16 Sep 2010

PS you can get webplus for £15.00 on Amazon

  Havent-a-clue 11:02 16 Sep 2010

Thank you all for your help,
Its made a daunting task, seem less so.

Another question if I may..

I have several names in my family tree, for example - Hayhurst, Fishwick, Jones, Ludbrook etc.

I would like one website, with a page or two for each name, seems quite simple.

What i'm hoping is that when other people search for, say the name Hayhurst my website will appear in the results.


Would the surname have to be in the click here or could it be somewhere in the website itself & still appear in the results???

If it doesn't, then does that mean i'll need a website for each surname???

Also, I understand that i'll need to let Google know that i'd like my website to appear in the results, is there a charge for this?
Do I need to have banners as a result?

I'll post a link on here when I have built it, see what you think.

Thank you all for your valuable time.

Kind regards, Simon.

  Proclaimer 11:37 16 Sep 2010

The Surnames will not have to be in the Web Address. You can have a separate page for each Surname and clever use of each Page Title and 'Metatags' (don't worry about those yet, we will help you with them later)will help search engines like Google to guide people to the page.

A good menu system on the 'Home' page will also let visitors select any Surnames they are interested in.

You will not be charged for a Google Listing and you will not require any advertising banners on your site.

Your web host will be able to submit your site details to Google and if you use Storm, they do that monthly for you, automatically after you set the Site Description and Keywords you want submitted.
The Site description is the, well it is the text that you read when Google returns any search you perform.

  Havent-a-clue 18:49 17 Sep 2010

Thank you all, for your help & advice.

I will make a start shortly, not quite so daunting now.

Thanks again, Simon.

  Forum Editor 23:03 17 Sep 2010

the comments made by fourm member about Google.

There's a great deal of misunderstanding about metatags, and the need to submit to Google.

Google completely ignores metatags, so forget about them. Concentrate on the H1 and H2 tags instead, and don't even think about SEO - it's a complete waste of time as far as Google is concerned.

Google will find you without any outside assistance.

  Graham. 00:09 19 Sep 2010

Office Live - it's free click here

  caddlesee 07:20 23 Sep 2010

hiya a good place to start is x10hosting
they offer a great service i use them for free
unlimited space, free domain you can even get a name for free it has cpanel with loads of features fantastico wordpress blogging software and loads more
take a look they also have help forums
regards chris
and good luck

  sheila.weston 21:05 02 Oct 2010

May I suggest a different tack if you have a Family History Program in your computer? If not, download one eg brothers keeper, which has a free version, and put your data in this, first.

Create a gedcom file and upload it to click here or click here.

As I see it, the problem with going to a hosted site is that you could lose all your data if you stop paying the subscription, and have not got the original data in your computer first.

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