Building my own PC

  PC User 19:26 02 Feb 2008

Thinking of building my own PC from scratch.
How easy is it? What problems can I anticipate?
Will be Core 2 duo based with an Asus Wifi motherboard and will include a CPU cooler.

Any advice?


  tullie 19:31 02 Feb 2008

Never done this,but judging by past posts,you would not be making a saving,however I suppose there is a feeling of accmplishment,in that respect,its worth it.

  woodchip 19:35 02 Feb 2008

It basically plug things together, and read any manuals or readme files on CD's on setting jumpers BIOS settings etc BIOS may start OK with default settings, most do

  PC User 19:38 02 Feb 2008

from what I have read about, it does not seem to difficult. If that is so why is it that a lot of people here seem to be buying systems. Have I missed somthing?

Doing it so that I can choose exaclty what I want (very fussy!!!)

  csqwared 19:41 02 Feb 2008

First of all have a look here click here - loads of useful advice. Do your research - make sure the components you choose are compatable. Take your time, make sure you've all the necessary tools before you start. Work on the table not on the floor - remember static. It really is a wothwhile project in view of satisfaction and having something exactly to your requirements but as tullie points out it's rarely cost effective. Done two builds now and it's LOADSAFUN.


  woodchip 19:41 02 Feb 2008

You can buy cheaper than build plus the OS is factored into the cost, and you get a warranty from one firm not all the bits if one goes wrong

  laurie53 19:59 02 Feb 2008

Built my first last year; tremendous fun and great self satisfaction.

Advice I got was if you have done a few upgrades - hard disc, memory, cards etc. - then self build will be no problem.

The advice was good.

Go for it.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:22 02 Feb 2008

why is it that a lot of people here seem to be buying systems. Have I missed somthing?

Built my own for years but my latest a Medion was bought, I couldn't source the parts cheaper and got software thrown in.

  citadel 20:24 02 Feb 2008

if you build it yourself it is free of software you do not need plus you have the windows disc instead of restore cd's.

  fishface113 20:32 02 Feb 2008

I have built many of my computers myself. While they are not really much cheaper, the one absolute certanty is that the components fitted are all to the specification and quality that you choose. There is also the immense fun of doing it youself. Why have a humdrum "everyone has got one of them" or "its a one off".

Do it yourself and have some fun - you wont regret it, and you may learn something you did not know on the way. Thats never a waste!

  Stuartli 20:34 02 Feb 2008

It's a great way to learn as well as bring a satisfying sense of achievement.

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