Building my new PC- I'd appreciate Help

  x-Kerry-x 14:37 12 Oct 2007

I am building a new PC and need someone to let me know if the following parts are all compatible with each other...

Here's the link to the mainboard...

click here

Here's the link to the RAM...

click here

I am getting two sticks of that RAM. I've noticed it doesn't mention DUAL CHANNEL on the page for RAM but does on the mainboard page, does this RAM still work?

Here's the link to the processor...

click here

Here's the link to the graphics card...

click here

I would be really grateful if someone with extensive computer knowledge could take a look and help me.

Thank you very much :)

  umbongo(uk) 15:30 12 Oct 2007

yes all will work together but id not get the graphics card

reason.the board supports both pci-e and agp
its an upgrade board
so you can use your old ddr and agp products on it until you decide to upgrade to ddr 2 and pci-e

ive put in the links on your budget and from a retailer

higher cpu lower price
click here

ram 1 gb
click here

gfx card

click here

grfx card benchmarks
just to show how it compares note it is more powerful than the bog standard 7600gs
click here

with these two items there is no postage cost as anything over 49.99 gets free delivery

from ebuyer you will get free delivery on anything over £49.99
also if you go with them on the order youll get a card on par and above 1650pro (game dependant but nothing drastic were talking 4/8 fps in some either way)
an extra 512mb ram ,,a higher proccessor for less

youll proly save a fiver
the point is if anything conks out etc there on the end of the phone to get replacements asap
they very good at returns with no quibble


get a first build built right n youll only need to upgrade as and when , saving cash in the long run

  x-Kerry-x 16:00 12 Oct 2007


The thing is I've already just won the X1650PRO card for my AGP machine which I currently have on eBay. It's costing me £63 inc postage etc from a computer shop, I haven't sent payment for it yet.

I used to have the 7600gs 256MB card and wanting to upgrade from that for the time being.

If I get the RADEON card will the card be an improvement to the 7600GS 256MB one I have and also will it definitely work with the new system I am planning on building.

Thanks for the processor link and RAM link, they will be useful.

  umbongo(uk) 16:16 12 Oct 2007

yes it will work with the board

the x1650 is near enough the same card as the 7600gs
again its game dependant but one having an extra 3 fps in a game as opposed to the other is admisable as 3 fps dont count for much if it was 10 then yes

youve just bought yourself the same card but from a diffrent competitor

some benchmarks on them
click here

  x-Kerry-x 16:20 12 Oct 2007

So what do you think will be a noticable upgrade from the 7600GS but is within £70 inc delivery and VAT?


  x-Kerry-x 16:21 12 Oct 2007

Does the fact that the 7600gst is 128MB and the x1650 pro is 512MB matter?

  umbongo(uk) 16:42 12 Oct 2007

omg lol now you realy wanna learn

ok because the x1650 has more memorey on it dosent mean much because it will never fully be utilized
slow DDR2 memory from any video card will never make use of 512MB
the reason is the resolution these cards are set out to use

again the gst is just a 1650 variation

first three are tied with the gst just outsining the gs and pro
the other 2 are again fighting each other depending on wich game is played but the gt wins most

the 1950 pro is still a great card if dx10 dosent worry you and will trounce any 8600gt and below also will beat 2400 to 2600xt cards
but you will need a power supply with connector to plug into the card as it draws extra power

heres toms hardware gfx comparison chart
just choose the benchmark and the card youd like to compare
click here
if your wondering were the 8600gt would be use the 7800gt as a refrence to it as it dosent apear on the chart

also toms guide to gfx cards and best price,s
click here

suports pci_e interface as well as agp

  umbongo(uk) 17:00 12 Oct 2007

the pin connection for power is a 6 pin type not molex 4 pin

an image to show what it looks like if yoour power supplie dosent have one

can be picked up off ebay for a couple of quid
click here

also note if you do get a x1950 your power supply should be at least 400 watts above this is better

  x-Kerry-x 18:04 12 Oct 2007

Thanks for helping me im looking at buying the X1950pro card instead of the others


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