Building my first pc! A few questions...

  palmy mike 15:20 26 Sep 2007

I currently have an old Dell Dimention which I have been adding bits and bobs to over the last few years.
I now want to upgrade to Vista, and also get a pair of 8600gt sli video cards to run the latest games smoothly. For this, I need a new motherboard to support the cards, and much faster processor.

I am a broke student and need to do this extremely cheap!!

My quetion is this...
If I were to buy the twin sli video cards, a new mother board (say the ASUS A8N32-Sli deluxe), and a new processor (say an AMD 64 Dual 6000)....

Can I simply pull out the old motherboard and video card, hook the new one up, hook up all the old components (PSU, dvd drive, hard drive, ram)install Vista, and away I go? Or is it far more complicated than that?

Would really appreciate some advice. If this idea will work fine, but someone has a better idea for components, I'm all ears!

Thanks, Mike

  Pamy 15:24 26 Sep 2007

Power supply may not be suitable.

Ram would not be suitable.

Hdd may not be large enough.

Best bet is to look up minimum requirements for Vista to start with

  Pamy 15:28 26 Sep 2007
  palmy mike 15:32 26 Sep 2007

Thanks for the reply.
The hard drive was upgraded to a 160gb fairly recently, so that should be ok. As for RAM, I got 2 x 512kb which I will probably upgrade to 2 x 1gb. The PSU is 400w so I doubt I would need more, if I do I guess I will upgrade that too.

Anything else I should know before I start?

  Pamy 16:08 26 Sep 2007

"a pair of 8600gt sli video cards" I should look at what power they require. The power supply may just do but the connections could be a problem.

  palmy mike 17:00 26 Sep 2007

ok, sounds good. Thanks for your help Pamy!

  JoanSims 20:38 26 Sep 2007

"a pair of 8600gt sli video cards" I should look at what power they require. The power supply may just do but the connections could be a problem.

Yes most top end graphics cards use two molex connectors each.I just bought a 650w modular psu from Ebuyer for £34 inc postage and that is proving to be a good buy.Plenty of spare molex sockets on the psu too.

  Joe R 21:54 26 Sep 2007

palmy mike,

I would suggest at least, a good quality 500+watt power supply, (a Hiper 530 watt with 3 year warranty, is just over £40).
I would also ask is the case large enough, and have enough ventilation.? A new CPU, and Sli combination will ensure a very hot runner.

  citadel 22:02 26 Sep 2007

a motherboard that supports core 2 duo and one 8800gts 320 memory version. sli is not worth the trouble, drivers etc. one fast card is better than two slow ones.

  Totally-braindead 23:09 26 Sep 2007

I've come to agree with citadel about the SLI aspect of the board. I have a lowely 7600GS card and did consider getting a second one in SLI mode but from what I have read on the subject its not worth it. I thought I would be saving myself some cash but it appears unlikely. I agree that you get more for your money buying one higher card than 2 lower cards and linking them up in SLI.
Before buying a card this is well worth a read click here

  keef66 13:30 27 Sep 2007

I'm with Citadel. If you're serious about gaming, the 8800gts 320mb is the best bang per buck currently available. You don't need an SLI mobo then which may save you a couple of quid. Don't be tempted by any suspiciously cheap power supplies though.

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