Building my first gaming PC (Budget £600) (Need Mobo Help?)

  f2k8 00:18 18 May 2012

Hello there, I've been thinking about creating my first PC for a long time. This PC is for gaming, but I won't be doing any hardcore gaming, and Anything above 40FPS is fine with me. I'll be playing the likes of BF3, Crysis 3 when released, GTA IV with ENB mods and Diablo 3 which doesn't require much power any way.

My budget is some where around £600. (I already have a few of the parts)

Here is a list of the parts I am currently considering. AMD FX-8120 - [...] adtype=pla (£127) (I don't want to spend more than £150 on a CPU)

EVGA GTX 570 1.28GB - [...] 71-kr.html (£199) ( Don't want to spend more than £200 on a card).

RAM - [...] 155&sr=8-7 (£18) (I already have 4GB ripjaws lying around my house).

Hard Drive: 2TB for around £70 from a friend.

CASE: CM Storm Enforcer - [...] d_i=468294 (£60)

PSU: Bought a Corsair 800W PSU from a friend for £40.

MOTHER BOARD: Here's where I need your help, I need something that can handle all of the above, while also providing SLI support for TWO GTX 570's in the future, the budget is £100).

That's about it really, for now. I'm not going to be overclocking any of this equipment, as it is more than enough for me at this current state, and I want more life span over performance. I'm also not going to be installing an after market CPU cooler, unless the FX8120 overheats while not OC'd, will this happen? As I have heard unsure reviews about it.

Thanks for having a look at this guys, any recommendations are welcome!

Oh, and also.. If anyone is willing to complete the list, with these two items especially: AMD FX-8120 EVGA GTX 570 (Single, not SLI).

With a budget of £600, that would be perfect. Thanks if you do.

(Remember, I would like a possible SLI combination in the future, around a year from now).

  KRONOS the First 08:45 18 May 2012

I am not sure but do you have the Bulldozer CPU already? as to be honest I would have chosen the Intel 2500K over the FX-8120,as overall the 2500k is the best gaming CPU, and outperforms the FX in rendering. If you haver already got the chip then can I suggest this mobo.Asus SABERTOOTH 990FX. A little over budget or this one Asus M5A99X EVO which is in budget, or a Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD3 again a tad over budget. These of course are personal choices if I was going the AM+ 3 route. I have gone the Z86 and I5 2500k with a single GTX 670.

Your RAM link does not work so you will need to check compatibility.

You might want to add a small (60-64GB) SSD in the build for your OS and programs,everything else,games music films etc can go on the 2TD HDD.

If you are concerned about the stock cooler buying an after-maket one will not necessarily cost much.

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