Building and Maintenance CD/DVD or Book

  Ex plorer 12:22 05 May 2006

Hi can someone point me to a good all round Book on PC building and Maintenance.
I know there are many CDs out there also that give you guides my last one I bought showed how to dismantle and put a PC back together.
I am still a novice but I now want to move on to understanding the MOBO Cards etc.


  amonra 12:55 05 May 2006

Have you explored your local tech. college ? They often run courses for this sort of thing and give far more useful info than any book can provide.

  Ex plorer 13:20 05 May 2006

Hi I live out in Yorkshire in a small village, my local PC learning outlets do not cover Maintenance courses. I agree in what you are saying but…
I won’t go into detail but I have to do this at home just now.
So E Books or the old fashioned paper ones will have to do for the time being.
So I need help in that direction.

  howard63 17:52 05 May 2006

I suggest you do not need books or cd/dvd's. Either get hold of an old pc and take it to pieces noting where everything goes that is how I learnt or buy the bits and put 1 together we will guide you on anything you get stuck on.

  Curio 19:15 05 May 2006
  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:16 05 May 2006

Maintenance of motherboards a cards drives etc. are impossible without extensive electronic knowledge and equipment and certainly not worth the cost of repairing.

PCs are like "LEGO", clip together parts.
The hard part is not putting the parts together, its understanding how to get them to "talk" to each other instead of conflicting (rather like Human Beings).

The net and google is your best source of information.

for instance understanding the BIOS helps to undersnd what and how a motherboard works. click here

  Totally-braindead 20:01 05 May 2006

I think I may still have a disk I bought at a computer fair some years ago, it has some manuals on it explaining things, if I can find it and you want it I'll post it to you just email me via the envelope next to my name. Its all about older computers which I think is your interest is it not? Anyway its not really relevant to PCs now but might be helpful with the older 286, 386 etc. No charge or anything if you do want it.

Just had a look and its there, hopefully the disk is still ok as I haven't tried it for years.

  Ex plorer 20:24 05 May 2006

Hi I can take apart a PC and rebuild it and change Hard Drives, Ram, Psu, FD, add CD Drives, and so on.
What are north and South Bridge and many more items that are on a MOBO what and where is the FSB?
I can play around in the BIOS to some extent.
I bought a Post tester and I removed wires from an old PC to see what the outcome would be.
There are different socket MOBOs and some have different numbers I know nothing about.
There are some write-ups, but I really would like to get to know more about MOBOs. I want to build my own PC and it’s a minefield of all types, I want a AMD board. If you ask any one for advice on a board you often get the same answer it depends what you want it for.
What I want is a graphical CD or book so I can understand what I want and learn at the same time.

  Totally-braindead 21:30 05 May 2006

You could go to your local library and see if the have or can get this click here this is just a suggestion of where to start. I find the Dummies and Idiots guides are excellent, I've read a few of them.

To be honest its differcult to know what to say. It depends how far you want to go. I suggest going to a library as the book may be too basic for you and theres little point in wasting money. You could try college but some of the courses are just a waste of money.

Have a look here for reviews etc on motherboards click here

  Curio 14:40 06 May 2006

Try upgrading and repairing PCs by Scott Mueller
Various Editions available click here

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