building a gaming computer

  PipSpur 23:03 22 Sep 2006

it is my sons 14th birthday and he is desperate for a gaming computer and I am sure we could build one if we knew what to get and how to build it. Does anyone have any helpful info?

  SANTOS7 23:14 22 Sep 2006

There are far better qualified people here that will help, but i found this and i think you will agree, it's a WINNER (I'm stll giggling)..
click here

good luck with your venture...

  gudgulf 23:21 22 Sep 2006

I often recommend the link that Santos7 has posted too,it'sa one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time......however on a serious note we need a bit more information.

Like are you wanting to build as cheaply as possible or is money no object and do you need the full kit(ie pc base unit ,keyboard,mouse,monitor and speakers) or only the base unit.

  ACOLYTE 00:26 23 Sep 2006

For a good gaming pc you will need Ram, 1 gig min,more if you can afford it,a good Graffix card with at least 128Mb ram onboard PCI-E is the new thing but there are some very good AGP cards available of course if you decide on PCI-E you will need a compatable Motherboard as well,a DVD drive is essential with todays modern games most are DVD titles.Then you need a decent sound set up this depends really on your taste some people like good sound,it can enhance the gaming experince no end so i would go for 5.1 set up at least.Then there is the monitor,myself i say you cant beat a good CRT monitor for gaming,but others may disagree and say a flat screen is the way to go,what ever you decide i wouldnt go for anything less than 17" screen bigger if you can afford it.With all this power there will be heat so you will have to bugget in for a good cooling system that can handle what gets thrown at it.
As for power i would go for a 500w PSU it may be a tad over the top but i always say more is better with PSU's,also you are going to need a decent CPU,for gaming i would advise an AMD chip in my opinion a lot better for gaming than the pentium,pentium is more of a workhorse CPU than a gaming one,i would go for nothing less than 2Ghz in the speed and again faster is better for todays modern games.
Hard Drives they are getting bigger and so are the games they hold so 250Gb is small by todays standerds but may be plenty for your needs,if you like online games then you need to factor in the modem and other bits and bobs.


  rodriguez 00:55 23 Sep 2006

The one I might build when I get a new job costs about £550. This is my spec, but I won't build it for a few so the parts will change a bit. But this should be alright for games and I'm sure people will post recommeneded changes to the spec such as different graphics cards and stuff.

Case - Ebuyer ATX Midi Neon Case with 480W LCD & Remote = £29.37 - QF 105215

Fans - 2 x Ebuyer UV Blue 80mm Case Fan = £1.98 - QF 39945

CPU - Intel Pentium D 940 (BX80553940) Dual Core 3.20GHz = £153.08 - QF 102622

Mainboard - Abit IL8 Intel. 945P LGA775 Socket for Intel Pentium D Processors = £61.16 - QF 110727

Memory - 2 x CRUCIAL 1GB DDR PC3200 400MHz 184-PIN = £104.68 - QF 105759

Graphics - Gainward 6600 ULTRA/1780PCX TV/DVI 256MB 128bit PCI-E = £57.99 - QF 107944

Hard Drives - 2 x Seagate ST3160812AS 160GB 7200.9 SATA II 7200rpm = £94.76 - QF 99773

DVD ROM - LG Electronics Ltd GDR-8164B 16X DVD+/-RW/RAM Internal Retail Reader = £16.44 - QF 109053

DVD Writer - LG GSA-H10ABAL 16xDVDRW/RAM Internal Black = £24.67 - QF 107210

Floppy Drive - Mitsumi OEM Black Internal Floppy Drive 1.44mb 3.5 Inch = £3.93 - QF 62047

Total = £548.08

  LastChip 01:12 23 Sep 2006

click here and look at the high end solution (about $7000), but there's also a budget machine at around $800.

Even if you decide on other components, it'll give you a good idea about required components.

  PipSpur 21:53 24 Sep 2006

You have all been extremely helpful, some of you much more than I would have expected.

Thank you

Best wishes


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