Build your own virgin

  shandykid 22:11 22 Feb 2003

Hi - I'm gonna try to build a pc. As it's my first time i don't want to spend loads of cash on 'posh' components - i'm really doing it for interest, so i'd like to keep them cheap and cheerful. Could someone out there give me a detailed list of components i'll need (say AMD Duron processor a suitable motherboard, graphics card etc etc) i can go and buy them from my local pc shop. I've had a read of click here but would like to buy a book that i can have on the table as i'm building. Any recommendations?

  jazzypop 22:16 22 Feb 2003

If you click here and click on 'create a custom PC', you will get a good feel for which components you will need, and which go together.

  jazzypop 22:18 22 Feb 2003

You might also find this site useful - click here

As for books, try and get to a good local bookshop or PCWorld, and have a browse.

  Djohn 22:18 22 Feb 2003

PCA did a "Build your own PC" spread over three months with all the information you are likely to need.

Oct. Nov. Dec. 2002 issues, I would think you can still get the back copy's from the editorial side if you give them a call or e-mail. J.

  jazzypop 22:24 22 Feb 2003

Click the 'Magazine' link at the top of this page, then the drop-down list under 'Series'. You can buy just the articles that Djohn is referring to.

  tbh72 22:26 22 Feb 2003

It's important to look at your budget, once you have this you can then goto a computer shop & select your components, any half descent shop will sell you compatible components suited to your build.

Most of the major thing's you will have to do will be with regard the motherboard eg, plugging cables, some of which are very small. Your new motherboard will come with a manual showing you a "MAP" of the connection & settings.

I'm sure there are a number of people here whom can offer you real help & advice depending upon your area, where you live!!!

Watch out for the 240v power though, ROFL I remember one time being on the telephone to a suplier due to a faulty on / off switch, (Twas an old AT Case) I can hear 'em laughing at me already!!!... Let's just say I got my first taste of electrocution. I just felt sorry for the person on the phone "It when flying across the room".....

  cream. 00:44 23 Feb 2003


Oh..... nasty. those old AT switches could pack a fair belt of mains electricity.

  howard60 07:51 23 Feb 2003

buy the pca archive disk this now has all the articles from pca 2000/2001/2002 and is very good. You also can have it free if you take out a subscription to pca - no I am not a staff member of pca just like the mag and site it has been very helpful to me and I enjoy trying to help [or is that hinder] others.

  shandykid 07:58 23 Feb 2003

Thanks all for your advice. It's much appreciated.

  tenor 14:10 23 Feb 2003

Sorry the title fascinated me.Maybe next time your title could be "virgin at building PC,s

  howard60 16:01 23 Feb 2003

the windows forum - they have a tutorial on building a pc. click here should help you.

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