Build a shop and gallery for photos

  leolas 13:05 12 Jul 2010


i'm a hobby photographer and i want to build a website to show my pictures. Later i could imagine to sell some of them (posters). Can anybody spend some references for a programm that is easy to use? it must not open source, but even ot to expensive, too.

  leolas 15:46 12 Jul 2010

I've a second question. What do you think about online-services like homestead or offline solutions like web to date?

  Proclaimer 15:47 13 Jul 2010

How many images are you talking about?

If it is just a few, like 30-60 then Serif Webplus would do just fine. If it is 100+ I would think a Shopping Cart like Zencart would be better.

  Ansolan 21:31 13 Jul 2010

Hi leolas

You might be better to avoid ideas like Homestead, or most online sitebuilders. Better to have a site you are more in control of and can easily adapt to your needs. Ideally building this yourself in (X)HTML/CSS or at worst using one of the better WYSIWYG builders.

Then you can incorporate your choice of image display and one which works well for customers plus search engines. With both in mind, nothing wrong with the type of galleries you see on this site:

click here

Plenty to choose from and very accessible. Depending on the volume and approach you might not need a shopping cart solution, just buy now buttons to a free cart, even paypal. If you do want to build with dedicated software to start with, lots to choose from e.g.

click here

If you were looking for a halfway house, a straightforward content management system which builds reasonable sites, take a look at:

click here

Easy to learn, free, several image gallery plugins and a few have managed to build cart type sites. This is XML based though rather than a true database so not suitable for that type of operation on any scale.

  leolas 16:39 14 Jul 2010

Thank you guys. At the first time I will try only a few pictures. I think Wordpress with a shop-plugin could be a cheap solution. Wordpress offered a big community, too. What do you think?

  freshmind 08:41 15 Jul 2010

i tried web to date for a while and it's quite good to build websites without html knowledge.
but in your case it coul be difficult to get users to your site. have you think about shutterstock or fototalia? because it could be difficult to get users. maybe an online solution have more advantages for a higher request.

  leolas 08:28 19 Jul 2010

Thank you for answers.

Yes, you are right. It seems to be very difficult to get demand. i think, i start with an online portal like fototalia.

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