Build a server,advice please.

  iqs 17:11 28 Jan 2009


I would like to build a server which friends can connect to over the net to download files.

I understand the basic operation of a server,components server OS etc etc,but any advice on how to start is appreciated please.


  Tech Guy 19:49 28 Jan 2009

First you need a server, can buy them cheaply from ebay now with server 2003 installed. Just don't buy a web server, totally different animal. Or you could convert a desktop, but I would buy a proper server though, can get an old one for around £100 inc OS.

You need a static IP address, ask your ISP for one - some ISPs don't give them out mind, and if you get one you'll have to pay for it.

Once you have bought your server with a server OS, you can read up on the OS while waiting for it. You have got the static IP address from your ISP. Then you ready to go.

Plug the server into your router and give it a private static ip address and set it as your DMZ.

Once you setup the OS your friends, and prob most of the world, can access your server, via your static IP address given from the ISP.

Be careful what you put on this as you will prob leave security holes in and you may have an unwelcome vistor from time to time.

See easy, just takes a little thought and study

  recap 19:55 28 Jan 2009

You could set up a VPN connection if you do acquire a static IP address, this would be the more secure route to take the swapping of files.

  iqs 21:06 28 Jan 2009

thank you Tech Guy and recap.

I was thinking of using a recent build which is running XP as a server,just need to purchase the software.
The info you both supplied will be of great help,cheers

  Tech Guy 23:10 28 Jan 2009


server 2003 is still expensive to buy as is windows 2000 server.

If you are a cheap skate like me, try out Linux - I use dual boat my server 2003 with Ubuntu server, its free but bit harder to setup.

check it out:

click here

  iqs 13:05 29 Jan 2009

Hi Tech Guy,

I downloaded Ubuntu Server before I posted this thread.
Seemed like the answer until I read more about it,I think a Windows version is the solution .Thanks again

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