To build or not to build?

  Thatslife 14:49 04 Mar 2007

I was planning on building a new PC this month but a friend said it was no cheaper than getting a PC custom built and you get warranty etc..

Is this really true and if so can you recommend reliable companies that offer this service??


  bennyhillslovechild 14:56 04 Mar 2007

Technically, it doesn't always or even often work out cheaper to self build, as the larger companies can get their parts cheaper by buying in bulk. However with a self build not only can you handpick the exact components you want, you also get that cos warm glow of a job well done and the satisfaction that you built it yourself. (this bit of cause comes after the sweating, fiddling, cursing and praying that it turns on, or crying out unto the Lord, "Argh! If I drop just ONE more screw into this case I'm gonna scream! Why do they make em so damn SMALL!")*

*NB - your experience may of course be nothing like mine. I am particularly fat fingered and cack-handed.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:56 04 Mar 2007

It is rarely cheaper to self build. What will you use the computer for?


  Rossi#1 15:01 04 Mar 2007

I agree with bennys child. Its unlikekly to be cheaper but much more satisfying. If I ever get mine to work, I will be immensely satisfied.

  Batch 15:13 04 Mar 2007

The cheapest option is usually to buy an off the shelf model (as opposed to getting someone else to custom build, which would probably be the most expensive option).

If you are going to build something yourself, you should hardly need a warranty on the overall finished unit. The individual components will still have their manufacturers warranties.

  Legolas 15:39 04 Mar 2007

The boring ordinary run-of-the-mill way is to buy a ready built system with a guarantee and support.

The much more interesting, enjoyable?, frustrating and probably more expensive way is to build a system yourself.

I have not bought a ready built desktop system for years as I have built my own and many for friends. I found that once the idea of self build came into my head I had to have a go so I get the feeling that despite the pros and cons of both ways you will go for a self build and I for one would recommend it.

I also agree with bennyhillslovechild the screws are far to small and I always loss a few somewhere in the case, of course I always get them out now especially since they once caused a fried motherboard but it is all a learning curve so go for it.

  Belatucadrus 15:40 04 Mar 2007

Depends a lot on what you want to spend, on an entry level machine, the manufacturers buying power and low margins mean it's near impossible to get near the price, let alone beat it. For something of a higher spec it's possible to make a saving going DIY as that's not such a cut throat market and the manufacturers profit margins tend to be a bit bigger, giving you a chance, all be it a slender one.
It is however much more satisfying to assemble components of your own choice and do it yourself.

  Thatslife 15:43 04 Mar 2007

Gandalf - Gaming and watching TV/DVDs mainly.

I've built one before so I know about those screws! It just seems if i can get it cheaper for the exact spec I want, it would be silly not to.

  jack 15:58 04 Mar 2007

Here is a tip from an avid fiddler
This can apply to and screw it together project not just 'puters

A piece of card board to suitable size
Cover with double sided tape.
Lay the screws thereupon- in assembly order if you will
And there they stay until required.

  SLAYER 16:02 04 Mar 2007

Build, the satisfaction on completion is great+you get what you want,go for it.

  octal 16:10 04 Mar 2007

Another little tip.

After I've finished fitting the cards I put all the spare screws and covers in a plastic bag and tape them inside the box somwhere, it's got me out of trouble a few times.

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